35 Photos of the KTM 1190 Adventure

10/10/2012 @ 12:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Officially debuting at the 2012 INTERMOT show, the KTM 1190 Adventure is the Austrian company’s answer to the growing competition in the adventure-touring space. Released head-to-head with the 2013 BMW R1200GS and the revised 2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 with semi-active suspension, we will let you decide which machine stole the show at Cologne. To help you make that decision, we’ve got 35 hi-res studio and action photos of the KTM 1190 Adventure & KTM 1190 Adventure R for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

Photos: © 2012  Schedl R. & Mitterbauer H. / KTM – All Rights Reserved

  • MikeD

    I have new found respect for KTM and it’s PR Flunkies.

    They didn’t retouch the banged, dinged front hedder.

    OR………maybe Jensen had these already stashed and not the re-touched ones by KTM.

    Wich one is it Jensen ? LOL.

  • Paul McM

    Of all the big “Adventure” bikes this one makes the most sense to me, though I have a friend with the new Yamaha Tenere and it’s very nice indeed.

    Jensen thanks for posting so many photos. I know it takes time to upload a large collection.

    Now, the only questions is whether I want to part with a 2001 VFR for one of these do-it-all type bikes.

  • Mike: Seriously, since when did a media photo getting photoshopped become news? ZOMG! For the record, I grabbed these off the press site yesterday afternoon.

    Paul: Quite welcome, though these articles are easy ones to do. Usually if you see a gallery article, it means I’m swamped working on something else that is probably more important.

    The fruits of that labor should be up tonight (fingers crossed).

  • MikeD

    Good for Orange. (^_^) ……… im cool with properly portraying this kind of “carnage”. LOL.

  • MikeD

    Looking at it a couple of times now……..man, this thing is WIDE AS A BARN.

    They should have stayed under seat xhaust if it was possible and try to integrate that luggage more “into” the rear of the bike.

    Those bags looks SOOOOO OUT THERE on the wind.

  • Knowing how KTMs behave off road, I’d take this over the competition any day, and be pretty confident I’d come out smiling.

    They all seem to have their own ideas about what a so-called adventure bike is all about, the others seem to be set up for street riding, while this looks like something that could handle the DAKAR Rally. So what is the definition of an Adventure bike anyway? This seems more in line with what I think it should be, a bike that can genuinely go anywhere, should have a really long-range, be as indestructible as possible, low maintenance, stable, easy to handle and comfortable.

  • R0bb0mc

    The 1190 Adventure will be the ideal bike for us here in Australia. I’ve got a 990SMT and the new 1190 with more power and 19″ front hoop for gravel roads… Perfect!!
    p.s. I rode a Triumph Explorer on saturday and BIG HEAVY shaft driven adventure bikes just don’t do it for me I’m affraid.. It felt like my SMT could out accelerate, out brake the Triumph and I’d reckon I could ride it to the same locations.

  • jackie

    KTM always plays its own particular toon when it comes to bikes. Their roots are in the dirt, and this new model looks no different. Their bikes have always struck me as being for people who’s idea of success, is coming home with more dirt on their bikes (and themselves) than they left with.

  • JJ

    Will there be a supermoto version with this motor?

  • Gary

    An adventure bike that doesn’t have to be apologetic for its desperate appearance? Unheard of! One that actually delivers on what’s promised? What the heck was KTM thinking? This is just so unfair to all the other makers!

  • MikeD
  • Jeeze. Every time I think I’m over the whole adventure bike scene and will settle down with a nice, comfy sport-touring bike … one of these darn articles comes along and makes it look like more fun than I could imagine.


  • Bruce Monighan

    Love my Tenere but that KTM is so “dirt” I gotta love it. The driveshaft is a really nice relief from chain maintenance but it is heavy.

    That pipe is goingto need work. It really pushes the panniers out and will require a BMW like space wastiing cutout in the bottom of the pannier.

    Really love orange, wonder if that is influencing me. But…KTM’s have always been so tall that until the Tenere came along I was out of the game. After 24,000 miles on my Tenere and a fair amount in the dirt I know that a “lot” of ground clearance or suspension travel is just not required. Nice to have but it limits who can ride these bikes comfortably. Funny thing is, the high ground clearance and long travel are really only for the dirt and that is the one time you will want to be able to get your feet on the ground.