Kawasaki is teasing a new model today, which it will unveil at the upcoming INTERMOT show in October. Called the Kawasaki H2, the name harkens back to a pivotal time in Kawasaki’s motorcycle history, where the Japanese company made one of the most highly regarded line of sport bikes of its time.

While the video itself reveals very little in information, and only a couple looks at the machine, the teaser website provides us with a little more information.

Hidden in the website is the following phrase: “The Ninja H2 was not designed with meeting regulations a primary concern. Kawasaki’s latest flagship is the result of a pure exercise in pushing the limits of motorcycle technology with the goal of creating the ideal road sports bike.”

Kawasaki press materials also go on to mention Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ experience in gas turbine technology, language we heard last year when the company showed off at the Tokyo Motor Show a prototype engine that was supercharged.

Soon after, we found patents referring the the machine as well, which showcased a supercharged four-cylinder engine that a variable gear for the supercharger, which would optimize the supercharger’s boost at various crankshaft speeds.

It seems like that the 2015 Kawasaki H2 will be this supercharged motorcycle that the Japanese company hinted to last year, especially after reading between the lines of the company’s current statements. If so, the machine could certainly live up to the hype that is being generated, and that this new H2 could be the ultimate sport bike on the market come 2015.

Stay tuned, will bring you as many details as possible, and be sure to follow Asphalt & Rubber for all the latest model releases from the INTERMOT and EICMA trade shows.

Source: Kawasaki (YouTube)

  • RL

    Very cool. Japanese sport bikes have been wonderfully sorted machines for years now, but hopefully this will reintroduce some of the insanity that makes good bikes into beloved and slightly feared classics.

  • TheSeaward

    They’ve already got a supercharged 1500cc JetSki that seems completely whackadoodle. I’ve always thought of Kawasaki a bit like Lamborghini. They don’t always care if it’s the absolute “best” or most refined, but they do make sure it’s fun and memorable.

  • L2C

    That video definitely got me going! :-/

  • L2C

    They don’t always care if it’s the absolute “best” or most refined, but they do make sure it’s fun and memorable.


  • Sixty7

    Another boring IL4…….yawn..!! take a leaf out of yamaha’s book

  • irksome

    Sweet, will it try to spit me off in bumpy corners?

  • Ian John

    light weight 600 with 750 bump and electronics.
    And Mr Kawa, make sure it has supercharger WHINE.
    “RRRRAAAAAA,RIIIIIIIIII,pop, bang, pop”.

    This could be a good thing.

    @Sixty7, boring IL4??????
    An inline can still have character. I have an S1000rr. Its an IL4. But like a Chev v8 or a euro V8.
    The S1 has this tuned fork state about it at note that differentiates it from a Jap inline.

  • Starmag

    It’s a real shame it won’t be styled somewhat like the beautiful, non-polarizing original, but will instead just steal it’s moniker. Which will it be this time “Saki? A slightly uncrumpled piece of aluminum foil or “sugomi-inspired”? The teaser hints at the latter. Quasimoto is that you? My eyes hurt already.

  • proudAmerican

    @ L2C:

    Yep, I couldn’t see a damned thing in that video…yet it still got my heart pounding!

    My (awesome and beloved!) low-mileage 2013 ZX6R could find itself becoming a trade-in!

  • “That video definitely got me going! :-/”

    *snort* Get that tongue out of your cheek, young man! ;-)

  • MikeD


    I love it when this time of the year comes around ! I don’t care if I can’t buy &^%$, is just nice to see new Hardware roll out.

    @ProudAmerican: All I saw was the top of the gas tank and windshield of a sport bike.

    HEY, I have a crazy suggestion ! Could THIS be the rumored HP I4 Ninja 250 for East Asia Markets being considered by the big wigs at KHI ?

    Honestly, I hope Big Bore sport bikes won’t go the way of the DODO, there’s something unique to just opening the gas and having Saturn V thrust . . . not down shifting required.
    Yes, im a LAZY BASTID. LOL. Probably next bike will be a “SHAMU” with the DCT. Screw this shifting myself business. ; P

  • MikeD

    @ 0:12 that looks like a “sporty” taillight. I skipped that one on the first round. I also saw a shiny clutch cable adjuster @ 0:22.

  • MikeD

    Oh, and I hope they go full retard thinking about their Heritage shiznit and wath not & make it a Super Charged 750 Triple . . . THE I4 ROUTINE HAS TO STOP, PLEASE. Save it for the TRACK/HP FOCUSED bikes (ZX10R, ZX6R).
    I would like a 1441 cc Triple on the big Zed 14 if possible . . . hehehe. Ahhh, daydreaming is awesome. LMAO.

    Jensen, I really need that Edit button function . . . (^_^)

  • Frenchie

    There are facebook and tweeter links on the official teaser website.
    Interestingly, the twitter account (@Next_Ninja) was active from the 20th of June 2010 to the 1st of July 2011 and was exclusively dedicated to the new ZX10R so far (with lots of infos, specs, tests, pictures and so on)…it just started tweeting again yesterday.
    Supercharged 4 cylinder and sporty bike appear likely, the real question is about the engine capacity since the Ninja moniker has been used from 250cc up to 1400cc.

  • keiths04

    H2 = hybrid twin!! some kind of hybrid twin system , maybe using said supercharger tech. of other… for added boost. called it.

  • Bicho

    I really hope the engine capacity is (under) 500 ccm.Twin,triple or inline four?I don care,as long as the ratio is:100hp-100kg!Enything less than that is nothing new in 2015.Add lightnes,the power will be there anyway!

  • What Bicho said. There has been quite a trend toward portliness, with bikes matching the increasing waistlines of the population that rides them. My ’79 RD400F Daytona Special came in at 175 kg (~385 lb.) wet and made ~43 hp. A 2014 Ninja 400 makes about the same horsepower, but weighs in at a portly 209 kg (~460 lb.).

    RL knocked it out of the park with this: “Japanese sport bikes have been wonderfully sorted machines for years now, but hopefully this will reintroduce some of the insanity that makes good bikes into beloved and slightly feared classics.”

    Amen, RL. Amen.

    Personally, in the H2 vein, I wouldn’t mind fully modern 2-stroke triple that wasn’t at all oriented towards beginners. Give it the handling manners of a modern sport bike and an engine that encourages unexpected sky gazing and we have a winner.

    For me, the RD400F was the ideal squid bike. Top speed of the whole bike was only that of a Panigale in 1st gear, but its good handling, excellent brakes and a proclivity to point the front wheel skyward made it a complete giggle to ride. My all-time favourite.

  • mudgun

    Finally! This will open the floodgates and the future of motorcycling will be so much better for it, with lighter, more powerful bikes & and better gas mileage to boot. Ironic that co2 emissions brought about what we’ve all wanted for years. If this news makes you feel good, just imagine what we’ll be riding 5 to 10 years from now.

  • tony

    seaward, you said it brother!

    and i like this game…lets play some more! yamaha is porsche, bmw is bmw (obvi), ducati is ferrari, honda has to be honda, ktm could be audi (maybe?), suzuki could be saab (bankrupt but brilliant!), suppose triumph could be aston martin?

    discuss, discuss…

  • geoff

    ugh…who the hell buys this retro crap? Not anyone I know I can assure you.

  • MikeD


    ROTFLMAO, Are you by any chance by RETRO CRAP talking about the engine or that photo of the 2 smoker up there ?

    If the last . . . LMAO. I would bet MANY would line up to buy such a ” Horrible Product ” (by today’s standards, anyway) AGAIN . . . and AGAIN.

  • Agent55

    Well his ought to be interesting, I just really really hope they nail the styling. Kawasaki is hit or miss these days, for example the Z1000 is probably the ugliest motorcycle on sale right now.