The New Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 is Coming Soon

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Kawasaki is teasing a new model today, which it will unveil at the upcoming INTERMOT show in October. Called the Kawasaki H2, the name harkens back to a pivotal time in Kawasaki’s motorcycle history, where the Japanese company made one of the most highly regarded line of sport bikes of its time.

While the video itself reveals very little in information, and only a couple looks at the machine, the teaser website provides us with a little more information.

Hidden in the website is the following phrase: “The Ninja H2 was not designed with meeting regulations a primary concern. Kawasaki’s latest flagship is the result of a pure exercise in pushing the limits of motorcycle technology with the goal of creating the ideal road sports bike.”

Kawasaki press materials also go on to mention Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ experience in gas turbine technology, language we heard last year when the company showed off at the Tokyo Motor Show a prototype engine that was supercharged.

Soon after, we found patents referring the the machine as well, which showcased a supercharged four-cylinder engine that a variable gear for the supercharger, which would optimize the supercharger’s boost at various crankshaft speeds.

It seems like that the 2015 Kawasaki H2 will be this supercharged motorcycle that the Japanese company hinted to last year, especially after reading between the lines of the company’s current statements. If so, the machine could certainly live up to the hype that is being generated, and that this new H2 could be the ultimate sport bike on the market come 2015.

Stay tuned, will bring you as many details as possible, and be sure to follow Asphalt & Rubber for all the latest model releases from the INTERMOT and EICMA trade shows.

Source: Kawasaki (YouTube)