Iron Lung by Icon 1000

12/10/2013 @ 12:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


Oregon’s favorite motorcycle apparel brand has a custom motorcycle build for the holidays, the Icon 1000 “Iron Lung” Sportster. An homage to the bikes that Harley-Davidson used to build in the 1970’s, you know when the Bar & Shield brand did real racing, and was fairly good at it too.

Based around a 1991 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 engine, the Iron Lung sees its lump bored out to 1,200cc, with a Supertrapp exhaust helping things breathe a bit better as well. The front-end has been lowered and widened with wide-glide forks and custom triple clamp. Similarly, the rear features a custom subframe with Progressive 970 shocks.

To make Iron Lung work visually, Icon widened the fairings, which gives the machine a bulldog like stance: low and wide. Fitted with the company’s own variety of Portlandian hipster chic, the Iron Lung sports paint by Garage 31 and a custom seat by New Church Moto — two local outfits in Portland, Oregon.

The design isn’t really our usual fare here at Asphalt & Rubber, but you have to appreciate the honesty in Icon’s retelling of the Iron Lung’s performance assessment:

“Once completed, we headed down to an oval in Southern Oregon and kicked ‘er in the guts to be featured along side of our Spring 2014 ICON 1000 apparel collection – coming soon. Her handling was as questionable as the grandstand snacks, but she bore the brunt of torture with aplomb. It wouldn’t be an ICON 1000 bike without a true trial by fire. In Iron Lung’s case this was literal as she burst into flame after her initial shakedown run just a few weeks prior.”

We find that worryingly appealing. Party on boys and girls.








Source: Icon 1000

  • gabe

    Interesting show bike, it wouldn’t have taken all that much to make it more race-like: A beefier swingarm, and more swingarm angle. Either by using longer shocks, a higher swingarm pivot, or a combination. Those two things would have helped handling a bunch.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Could do something more performance oriented while keeping the overall look with one of the tube framed Buells.

  • JoeD

    Some things should be left to professionals.

  • Kenny

    Why the massive front wheel?

  • Andrew

    All show and no go – in other words, typical custom.

  • Matt Higgins

    To make a Sportster 883 into a 1200, no ‘boring’ needed. Just buy a kit from a dealer to replace the cylinders and pistons. This is the less expensive way to get a 74 ci. Buy an 883, get the 1200 kit.

  • Arclite

    Why all the hate? Have you seen Icon’s previous builds and did you watch the video? Icon caters to a specific customer that appreciates bikes like this. These bikes are like an action movie, wherein enjoying them requires a little suspension of disbelief. But lets all give credit where credit’s due, that slideways action in the vid is pretty sick!

  • Matt Higgins

    Doesn’t sound like hate to me. Just opinions. You have yours-we have ours.

  • gabe

    I wasn’t hating. I am liking the direction that Icon is taking, their gear is becoming better and better, not just for show.

    On this project though, given the amount of work that it took to make, the effort to make it into a decent handling bike was not much more. Props to the rider too….it’s not easy to ride a wallowy, unbalanced bike.

  • starmag

    Something I would expect to see on BikeEXIF, if I went there anymore, which I don’t because of bikes like this. All show no go silliness. Hipsters are no doubt drooling. It seems to have nice finishes though. It’s not that it’s a Harley, if it didn’t have joke wheels,tires, suspension and a single piston front brake, ( no, everything doesn’t have to have Brembos and Olins) , I could take it more seriously. I’m sure Icon knows their customer demographic better than me, but I’m not sure how that transfers to A&R readership. This seems like a racing oriented site. It could be filler for the slow holiday season.

  • Grant Madden

    Dump those horrible heavy wheels for some wire spokers and change the caliper.(HD do do some good ones)Decent spring in the front forks and some reasonable rear shocks and it would be nice and still do all they said they wanted and more.Still look and sound the same but would be a lot more fun.Never mind.

  • Gary

    Very cool. Something the Terblanche worshipers are sure to hate. ;-)

  • Norm G.

    re: “All show no go silliness.”

    chaps your ass too huh…? er’body’s so preoccupied with building…? i contend much of the fundamental connection with riding’s been lost. a double edge sword this. my man rnickey knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout (willis)…

    btw, observe the judicious application of rear brake and how it all worked out for him.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Still look and sound the same but would be a lot more fun. Never mind.”

    good save. phew that was close, had me worried there for a sec.

  • RJ

    That front tire is on backwards, me thinks…