First Shots: Husqvarna 900cc Street Bike

06/15/2011 @ 7:34 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Here’s an interesting twist: instead of going through the trouble of setting up some sort of “spy shot” moment, and leaking it to the press, Husqvarna has cutout the middleman, taken its own photos, and sent them to web and print publications. Because of this, the use of the “spy shot” label is probably not appropriate, though we’d make arguments that it hasn’t been an appropriate label in many other situations as well.┬áLeaving that subject for another time, what you really wanted to see is the new 900cc Husqvarna street bike in almost all of its glory.

We can see from the photos that new Husky takes some pretty strong supermotard cues, though we doubt the bike will ever see serious off-road use in its owners hands. Hopefully the left-hand side exhaust can gets some more development, otherwise though its looking like a promising machine. More photos after the jump, keep your eyes pealed for the obvious BMW reference. Also be sure to check out photos of the Husqvarna street bike motor, Husqvarna’s concept sketches, and the Husqvarna Mille 3 concept that started it all.


  • Dutch

    Husky enters a fiercely competitive market but if they bring the same game as their SM’s have shown – watch out!

    potential – this bike has it.

    (btw – Triumph sort of pulled the same stuff with their own ‘spy shots’ of the new Tigers)

  • I think Triumph tried a little bit harder (not a lot mind you) to keep the ruse up.