Husqvarna apparently didn’t show all it had to offer at the 2011 EICMA show in Milan, Italy several weeks ago. Debuting the Husqvarna Strada concept at the Paris Motor Show today, the Swedish brand continues its expansion into the on-road market. While the business case is strong for why Husky is currently on a street-bike tear, excitement over the Strada might pale in comparison to the hype that surrounded the 2012 Husqvarna Nuda 900.

Based on BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder motor found in the G650GS, the Husqvarna Strada has allegedly been “breathed” on by the Italian engineers at Husqvarna. Details are still under lock and key, though Husqvarna says the Strada will tip the scales at less than 170kg dry (375 lbs). While the bike being unveiled in Paris is a concept, Husqvarna plans to go into production with the Husqvarna Strada in 2012, meaning what we’ll see on dealer showroom floors will look very similar to what we see here now.

“Targeted at youthful on-road motorcyclists,” we can expect the Husqvarna Strada to come in at a cheaper price point than the Husqvarna Nuda 900, and to be more of a starting point for street riders looking to get on the Swedish brand’s bikes. Looking every bit like the rest of the Husqvarna line, our biggest concern is that the Strada doesn’t have enough differentiation from the Nuda 900 to truly merit a place on the product range.

While price and overall tune will likely be used to set the Husqvarna Strada apart from its larger compatriot, at its core, the Strada has the same face melting maxi-motard ethos as the Nuda. While that’s fine and dandy for brand management, the product differentiation may not be as great in the eyes of the consumer. Bringing out one niche motorcycle, especially as a first offering in the street segment, was a well-played move, but Husqvarna may have made a misstep by rolling out a second bike that overlaps so heavily, and competes for exactly the same riders as its previously released model.

Hopefully the BMW subsidiary will truly expand its product range with the likeable Moab street-tracker/scrambler concept, and we can always hope that the BMW S1000RR motor gets tapped for Husqvarna’s next science fair project.

Source: BMW Group

  • RSVDan

    Wake me up when Husqy churns out something other than a BMW re-badge.

  • BBQdog

    Really like the looks. But 170 dry (!) weight for a single cilinder ??
    Will wait and have a look the the KTM Freeride 350.

  • mxs

    Forget how it overlaps with the Nuda, but what about Husky SM630 which will be much closer to that than Nuda ever will be.

    Puzzling move to say the least.

  • BikePilot

    A single really should be closer to 300lbs wet and ready to ride, 340lbs max (see e.g., KTM 690SMC at about 315 ready to ride, no gas and the 690 duke at a bit more than that).

    Also it looks to have too much rake out front and the wheels/tires don’t comport with its otherwise road-going design – it should have a tighter head angle (at least visually) and sticky 17″ rubber.

  • Ervgopwr

    Agree with concerns about the excessive bulk. Why does a single need two exhaust cans?

  • do we need a single cylinder nuda? nope.
    do we need a twin cylinder nuda? nope.
    do we need a moab? yup!

  • BBQdog

    … and I guess the seat is that high I need a ladder. Hope the far eastern markets will grow,
    people aren’t that long over there so manufacturers will be forced to make more adjustable and lower

  • PeteN95

    Nice looking bike, but how can you delete a cylinder and only lose 10lbs?!

  • Shawn

    It looks great to me. For those complaining about weight, its 65 lbs lighter than a KLR 650, so it sounds good to me. Price would be the main problem I see with it, if its a “premium single” versus the Nuda, which I’d also like to own.

  • fazer6

    Looks nearly identical to my x-country, which was a disappointing bike…tried to straddle the middle of the line between road and dirt, but didn’t do well at either.
    Give me a Moab!!!!!!!!!

  • MikeD

    Naah, if i had to pick one to take to production the MOAB would be it(but with tube-less wheels/tires) a la SuperTenere.
    MXS makes a good point IMHO, i too feel this is not needed when they have that BAD ASS SM630 but i guess the world would be a DULL GREY place to be if we all wanted or thought the same, lol.
    Weight is ok with me, im used at riding bloated albeit low & stable Pigs (’82 GS1100G).
    Yes, they all should stop the silliness with the front 19″ tire/wheel combo on what fundamentaly is a STREET BIKE, a 17″ is far more ADEQUATE here and have a far wider spectrum of tire choices.
    2 Cans to have decent exhaust flow and yet keep it quiet enough that the it won’t bother “non rider” public ? Just saying…lol.

    P.S: That skinny not wider than (and as hard as ?) a school ruler dirt bike seat won’t help the cause if this thing is to become a “street bike” to ride for more than 1/2 hr. A nice wide padded seat goes a long way.
    The seat on my SV1000N is not as bad as this thing and i find myself wishing for something wider, softer and perhaps mode padded ?

  • PeteN95

    I currently ride an XR650R with a 19″ front wheel and tires similar to this, but it is about 90lbs lighter!?! I think it is a very fun bike for both street and dirt, but carrying another 90lbs would seriously hinder both.

  • Ken

    This looks like a direct competitor to the Suzuki DR 650. Not as tall and rugged as the one lung Honda, not ment to travel the world like the KLR but a great all around bike. The problem with the DR was poor suspension (lack of adjustability), it was geared one tooth to big up front, was outfitted with “Death Wings” and the seat was shitty. Fix those things and it makes an amazing all around bike. While it was never nimble off road like my WR450, it handled single track just fine. Damn near a modern scrambler in use: Not to tall for the streets, bullet proof engine and trans, great ergos and good street handling. If they can address those things, they’ll have a winner.

  • Teakwood

    I’ve owned about 20 bikes in my life and presently own a DR650, a Beta400RR and a DRZ400E. The DR is a great bike. It’s way more street friendly and with a custumized seat it’s quite comfortable for all day riding. Like Ken says, I dropped a tooth on the front sproket and mounted a pair of knobby tires and its dirt capability improved considerably. I imagine the Stada will be similar but with better suspension and more power, thus I could put up with the extra weight. I don’t think it’s comparable to the Nuda which is more like a big super moto with a parallel twin. They’re not in the same category, the Strada is a dualsport. It’s like comparing apples and carrots, they’re different, but I like both.

  • Hodgmo

    Based on what I’m looking at here, this bike looks like something you could jump on and ride anywhere and everywhere. That’s a totally appealing concept to me. I would love to get my hands on one and ring it out.