Husqvarna Nuda 900/900R Technical Details

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Our favorite German-owned, Italian-based, Swedish brand has released some more images of its Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Husqvarna Nuda 900R street motards, and also disclosed some of the bikes’ technical specifications in the process as well. Using a fully-revamped BMW motor, Husqvarna has taken F800’s parallel-twin motor, and bored it out by 2mm (84mm total), as well as lengthened the stroke by 5.4mm (81mm), taking the 798cc motor to an 898cc displacement. Originally built as a 0º crank motor, Husqvarna has altered the crankshaft to a 315º configuration, which the company says creates a more aggressive feel to the bikes’ power delivery.

The compression ratio on the motor has also been raised from its BMW-spec, and comes with modified head gasket, camshafts, pistons, and conrods (along with a re-designed crankshaft). Additionally the intake and exhaust valves have been increased by 1mm, making them 33mm and 28.5mm respectively. With these modifications, both the base model Nuda 900 and higher-spec Nuda 900R will make 105 hp and 73.8 lbs•ft of torque. Still listing the curb weight for the Nuda 900R as sub-175kg (385 lbs), expect the Nuda 900 to weigh-in a few kilos heavier.

The real distinction between the two models is the differences in components between the two bikes. The Nuda 900R will come with Brembo monobloc racing brakes, mated with 320mm discs. Meanwhile, the Nuda 900 will come with lower-spec Brembo four-piston radial calipers and 320mm discs for its braking needs. For suspension, the Nuda 900R will get 48mm Sachs forks that are fully adjustable, which will then be paired with a Öhlins shock with fully-adjustable compression, rebound, and preload adjustment, as well as a ride-height adjustor. The longer suspension will also raise the Nuda 900R’s overall ride height, as well as the bike’s center of gravity.

According to Husqvarna, the shorter base-model Nuda 900 is better suited to urban duty, and features similar 48mm Sachs forks, which are only preload adjustable (can we get a collective “booo!” from the crowd?). A fully-adjustable Sachs shock will fill-in for rear suspension duties, helping the Husqvarna Nuda 900 seat sit 860mm (33.8″) off the ground, compared to the Nuda 900R’s 875mm (34.5″).

With a 13 liter (3.4 gallons) fuel tank under the seat, Husqvarna says the Nuda 900 should be good for about 160 miles of travel, though we imagine how hard you twist the wrist will factor heavily into that calculation. Still no word on price from Husqvarna on the Nuda 900R, nor on the Nuda 900 base model.

Source: Husqvarna