Husqvarna MOAB Concept – A Modern-Day Scrambler

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We already know that the Husqvarna as a brand needs to start pulling its weight around the BMW Group, which has lead the once off-road brand to expand into on-road segments. We also know that the last time the Swedish brand debuted a concept bike at EICMA, it ended up giving birth to a production model. Debuting the Husqvarna MOAB concept at EICMA today, Husqvarna has done a modern-take on the classic 1960’s & 1970’s scrambler aesthetic, and is undoubtedly testing the waters on the brand increasing its range of street motorcycles.

“The red tank, the spacious seat, the yellow side panel number holders, the simple stripped-down frame…these all form the essence of the new incarnation of the Husqvarna spirit,” said the company in its press release. While it is always interesting to see how a group perceives itself, it is perhaps even more telling to hear a company describe what it is trying to change itself into. While many Husqvarna hard-part liners were put-off by the debut of the Husqvarna Nuda 900, we have a feeling the Husqvarna MOAB concept will strike a chord that is clearly novel, but also true to Husky’s old values.

Featuring at 650cc motor with a perimeter-style frame, the Husqvarna MOAB concept also has 17″ wheels that are of course shod with semi-knobby dirt-track style tires. We especially like the LED headlight that has been built into the front number plate. For a completely exposed motor, the Husqvarna MOAB has a surprisingly clean motor display, which adds to the modern-yet-simple look of the bike. This pleases us.

Hopefully Husqvarna will create something close to this design, as we think it would be received well in the market, as well as build the new Husqvarna brand that the company quotes in its press statement. Drool over the photos below, and if the embedded video of a lumberjack building the scrambler in the woods doesn’t make you go “hmm…” then we don’t know what will. Happy Tuesday.

Source: Husqvarna