Husqvarna Concept E-go – The Entry-Level Electric

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Watch out Zero, Brammo, BRD, and KTM as Husqvarna just decided to enter the electric motorcycle market with its Husqvarna Concept E-go. An urban commuter aimed towards first-time bikers, the E-go concept draws from the Swedish brand’s dirt and supermoto background to bring a stylishly aggressive electric motorcycle package to the table. Clocking in at 80kg (176 lbs), the Husqvarna Concept E-borders on anorexic, and is the first electric motorcycle we’ve seen specifically geared towards younger riders.

A unique market and offering to base a product around, Husqvarna also has some interesting technical innovations on the E-go, namely its single-sided double-leg fork, which have 35mm inner fork tube diameters. Matched to the striking front-end is a single-sided aluminum rear swingarm, while tther features include a self-supporting single-rider seat and an aluminum battery case. Short on power train specifications, it is hard to gauge how much battery power is on-board the E-go (2-3kWh maybe?), what kind of motor Husqvarna will use (Agni air-cooled brushed?), and what sort of performance specifications to expect from the production machine.

Judging from the anticipated market though, it is a safe bet that the Husqvarna Concept E-go will comply with the EU’s 15hp limit for young introductory licensees. Considering that electric motorcycle companies have often been caught quoting peak power specs instead of continuous power figures, this might be the first time in this segment’s history that we’ll see a manufacturer quote the lesser of those two values. Clever girl.

Source: BMW Group