Watch out Zero, Brammo, BRD, and KTM as Husqvarna just decided to enter the electric motorcycle market with its Husqvarna Concept E-go. An urban commuter aimed towards first-time bikers, the E-go concept draws from the Swedish brand’s dirt and supermoto background to bring a stylishly aggressive electric motorcycle package to the table. Clocking in at 80kg (176 lbs), the Husqvarna Concept E-borders on anorexic, and is the first electric motorcycle we’ve seen specifically geared towards younger riders.

A unique market and offering to base a product around, Husqvarna also has some interesting technical innovations on the E-go, namely its single-sided double-leg fork, which have 35mm inner fork tube diameters. Matched to the striking front-end is a single-sided aluminum rear swingarm, while tther features include a self-supporting single-rider seat and an aluminum battery case. Short on power train specifications, it is hard to gauge how much battery power is on-board the E-go (2-3kWh maybe?), what kind of motor Husqvarna will use (Agni air-cooled brushed?), and what sort of performance specifications to expect from the production machine.

Judging from the anticipated market though, it is a safe bet that the Husqvarna Concept E-go will comply with the EU’s 15hp limit for young introductory licensees. Considering that electric motorcycle companies have often been caught quoting peak power specs instead of continuous power figures, this might be the first time in this segment’s history that we’ll see a manufacturer quote the lesser of those two values. Clever girl.

Source: BMW Group

  • konalight

    I love it!
    Seems to much fun!

  • Giova

    Amazing concept! Why on earth don’t they built bikes like this one. They now what design to built but they don’t make them.

  • Shawn

    So weird to see just foot pegs by itself.

  • Selsiphious1

    Cool bike, but I hate that they never show the bike with the regulatory stuff installed; headlights, signals, mirrors, reflectors, taillight, license plate, etc…If it’s an ‘urban communter’ it’s going to need these things.

  • Butch

    Kickstand on the right. Is that just change for change sake?

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  • BikePilot

    First e-bike for younger riders — no love for Osset? I’m pretty sure that fork will either be much for flexy or much heavier than a normal fork arrangement. If they must have a single sided telescopic fork they should really take a cannondale lefty/headshock apart for some ideas.

  • EVR1

    It looks like a water cooled perm similar if not the same as the Brammo Enertia

  • Without any radiators to cool it? Pretty sure it’s an Agni. Check the close-up, you can see the perimeter air-cooling holes.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Very surprised to see that Husqvarna of all brands throwing out this type of concept (no doubt influenced by BMW management). Still…it’s kinda cool. I’m curious how serious this concept is…are they actually looking to put a similar bike into production in the next few years? Or will this turn out to be simply a styling and marketing exercise? I bet they will be keeping a close eye on how the production version of KTM’s Freeride turns out if/when it finally becomes available.

  • EVR1

    True, true, definitely an Agni, they easily fit under the 15hp continuous, when not air cooled

  • Billy B.Tso

    what a nice design…except for that after thought of a wing above the front wheel that looks like it knows it doesn’t belong there…but overall simple and beautiful…being aimed at the younger market, bang on right! i know i’m not that young anymore, but would still love a get around ‘plug in’ bike this nice!

  • BobD

    Looks like it could be serious fun on a cart track (im liking the racing slicks)…or maybe a few spots you can normally only ride on a normal bicycle. this thing will be pretty quiet….think of the possibilities!

    I hoping it can pass without all the lights and horns and blah blah blah because it performance will probably be close to that of a bicycle.

  • How much is it, and who do I pay the deposit to…?

    This looks so good. I’d put one in my garage *like that*. Nice & simple, light, twist & go, easy maintenance – it’s all win.

    BTW on the subject of EV maintenance – does anyone know what exactly is involved? What costs? I have heard nothing about maintenance, but dying to find out – because I can imagine that it’ll be a heap cheaper than an ICE service…

  • I like it this concept

  • @mugget If it does have an Agni aircooled motor, then it’s oil the chain every 1000 km and replace the brushes every 100 000 km. That’s it. No oil, no filters, no tappets, no camchain, no clutch, no rings. Just ride and enjoy.

  • Cheers Jason – that’s the first info I’ve ever heard about the maintenance side of things. Sounds great to me!!