Husqvarna Baja Concept Breaks Cover

01/20/2012 @ 12:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Husqvarna continues its push into the on-road market, and has debuted another concept while at the New York IMS show today. Already showing us the Husqvarna Moab Concept in Milan, the folks at Husky have continued the thought process with the Moab, and built a more off-road capable dual-sport, which they are calling the Husqvarna Baja Concept. Another modern-take on retro design, the Baja concept carries over with it many of the Moab’s bigger design features, while sporting a 19″ knobby front tire for better off-road use.

Husqvarna simply states that the concept uses a four-stroke liquid-cooled 650cc single-cylinder motor (same as the Moab), which surely will be sourced from BMW’s G650GS. The Baja is also being fitted with a five-speed wide-ratio transmission, fuel-injection, perimeter frame, and Brembo brakes. The design from Husqvarna looks fairly polished, and we wouldn’t be surprised if some form of the Baja or Moab made it into production (or a fusion of the two).

With the Swedish brand already releasing the Husqvarna Nuda 900, and set to bring the Huqvarna Strada into production sometime this year, BMW’s want-to-be rogue street bike company could have a robust line-up if it brings the Baja and/or the Moab into produciton. We hope they do, because out of all the street bikes we’ve seen from the brand, these two seem the most intriguing, and also happen to better fit the Husqvarna name as well. Photos after the jump.

Source: Husqvarna

  • MikeD

    Looking really SPARTAN and lite…I LIKE IT ! On a second thought im better off with the previous concept’s 17″ wheels. No dirt around here to make good use of those knobies.

  • Marco

    Modern day badass…i dig it

  • Greg

    I think it’s a fantastic idea, especially with the low (appearing) seat height it should appeal to riders with a shorter inseam. I’m 6′ tall, but my 5’4 girlfriend would surely like the fact that she might be able to flat-foot on a bike like this. I hope Husky decides to bring it to market.

  • AndrewF

    I have one word: BUTTERFACE!
    Great body, shame about the head… when will they get it – large flat white surface does make attractive front, unless you’re designing a fridge.

  • AndrewF

    … err… I meant to say DOES NOT make attractive front, duh!

  • wowww,… very atractive

  • Random

    Man, those 2 bikes are almost identical… give a bigger/smaller wheel or take a different coloured fork or a different front mudguard, It’s the same tank, engine (obviously), exhaust…

    Is Husky still trying to decide if they’re an off-road or on-road brand? Will they offer on and off-road versions of the same bike? They are waiting for us to decide which one we prefer?

  • jackie

    The 70’s called, they want their bike back.

  • grant

    What a beatiful dirt bike…..finally.

  • Singletrack

    And just what would someone do with this bike?

    Other than sit around and look at it.

  • conchop

    Finally, some styling – fusion with what brought Husky performance and striking good looks together. About time as most of the new bikes were practically indistinguishable. This bike has some style and I’m sure she goes.

  • mikelew

    Love it. Add a kickstarter and I’m sold. Actually, I’m sold already.

  • Michael Burgess

    SingleTrack: Your youth betrays you.

    Husqvarna is reacting to the market the way it should. I hope they produce it the way the old Hooska company did. Swedish Steel and European Craftsmanship. I sure miss it.

  • Paul McM

    I like it, but I wonder how well those front LEDs actually illuminate (rather see a nice HID in front). For those of us in California, this thing won’t be street legal without front turn signals. Where are they (what did I miss). I figure the rear signals are integrated into the tail-light assembly.

    Overall I like the concept a lot. This would be a fun street bike with occassional off-road use. Thank god for a decent seat. The seats on many “dual-sports” are as uncomfortable as a 2×4.

    I’m glad the stylists paid attention to the rear so you don’t have to unbolt 4 lbs. of crap and re-do the whole light assembly. But… how does one bolt on a rack?