Husqvarna 900 Street One by Oberdan Bezzi

05/10/2011 @ 7:35 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Confirming that the rumors were true, Husqvarna recently released photos of its new 900cc motor destined for the company’s first proper street bike. Based on the 800cc BMW parallel twin, we’ll have to wait until November to see what the Swedish brand has in store for us, but until then Oberdan Bezzi has some ideas to help whet our appetite. Called the Husqvarna 900 Street One, Bezzi sees a street-naked in Husky’s future, which will help show-off the firm’s newly minted engine.

With the new Husqvarna expected to have both more torque and horsepower than its German counterpart, Obiboi sees the Husky 900 as a sportier version of the BMW line, and has put those feelings into his concept sketch here. Perhaps the only thing that rivals our curiosity on what the new Husqvarna will look like, is how the company will differentiate its street motorcycles from its parent company’s offering, and what it will mean for the fabled dirtbike brand.

Official Photos of the Husqvarna 900cc Motor:

Source: Oberdan Bezzi.

  • Greg

    Just another motorcycle owing it’s design cues to Miguel Angel Galluzzi. Long live the 1st gen Monster!

  • Not wild about this design, but the idea of parallel twin has me excited.

  • Steve

    I love it!

  • hoyt

    The engine definitely has my attention, but the sketch above has been done so many times from front to back. This is when styles from Voxan and Buell are sorely missed.

  • Shawn

    Blah, another tired trellis frame. Yay for a big inline twin though. I would suspect the Husqvarna street machines will compete against the KTMs.