Horex VR6 Classic

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Just the other day we were wondering what was going on with Horex, as we haven’t heard from the German brand in nearly nine months. Finally shipping its first bike, the Horex VR6 Roadster, Horex has now announced a second model that is geared more towards mass consumption, the Horex VR6 Classic.

A re-styled, and apparently de-tuned version of the Roadster model, from what we can gather from Horex’s press release, the big changes for the Classic are its new aesthetic and reworked motor, which produces 124hp compared to the roadster’s 161hp peak figure.

Other changes include connecting tubes for the bike’s 6-in-2 exhaust system, and a reprogramming of the VR6’s motor’s engine map, which according to Horex creates more low-end and midrange torque, with a peak figure of 88.5 lbs•ft.

On the visual side of things, wire wheels are easily noticeable, as well as the red paint with silver pinstripes. A premium leather seat has also been fitted to the Horex VR6 Classic.

Less noticeable is the switching of a Sachs rear shock, with preload and rebound adjustability, in lieu of the three-way adjustable WP unit that is found on the Roadster. Both bikes use WP forks with adjustable preload, compression, and rebound settings.

Pricing in Europe is €24,500 (€28,700 in Austria, and 28,900 CHF in Switzerland).



Source: Horex