Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Limited

03/06/2014 @ 10:12 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


We were excited when it was announced that Horex, a revisited German brand, was getting a second chance at life and again making motorcycles. The team announced a new street-standard with a VR6 engine — even more interesting was that one of the models was to be supercharged and deliever 200hp.

As time has worn on though, we have become less interested. While the finished Horex VR6 is a beautiful bike, you would be hard-pressed to understand its €24,500 price tag. Disappointingly too, the supercharger model never materialized.

There doesn’t seem to be much of a follow-up for the German brand either, and after debuting the “Classic” model in August of last year, today we get out third flavor of the Horex VR6: the oddly named Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Limited.

As the name implies, this is a café racer variant of the Horex VR6, which has been worked on by parts manufacturer LSL Motorradtechnik. Only 33 examples of this machine will be built, and with a price tag of €33,333 — and that is exactly how many models we would expect Horex to sell at that price.

Changes to the Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Limited include a revised seat (with solo-seat cowling), a smaller front mudguard, clip-on handlebars, a single round headlight, 10mm taller rearsets, Öhlins suspension front and back (FRGT forks & TTX36 shock), and Brembo brakes.

If you think those upgrades constitute an $8,833 price upgrade, we suggest you contact Horex for your motorcycle.

Source: Horex

  • I really would like to have a Horex but compared to the Griso and the NineT, I mean unless I won the lottery there’s really no way.

  • Bluey

    would be fun with a racing series for bikes that make little sense.
    a field of horex VR6 cafe racers, lotus C-01s and harley xr1200s.
    harley would win that championship!

  • k1200Rider

    I can see horex justification for the high price tag. Low volume production can do that. But they are shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t keep their bikes priced competitively. $15k is right price point. Priced right next to the nine T. Unless they intend the buyers to be high end clientele at which point they have to step it up a notch because now they are competing with the limited ducatis etc.

  • Wayne Thomas

    Well, at least Horex is making bikes despite some here being less than excited. Its been more than 1 year since a Motus engine article about I bet most on here have totally forgotten about that bike even more so than the Horex.

  • Richard Gozinya

    @ Wayne Thomas

    Actually looks like Motus is getting pretty close to production.