“Hondo Grattan” Ducati Scrambler by Deus Ex Machina

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At the Verona Motor Bike Expo, Ducati presented the first customized Ducati Scrambler models. As you may remember from our review, this $8,600 machine is pitched with a heavy lifestyle component, and Ducati hopes that fat margins on t-shirts and jackets will overcome the thin margins on the model itself. To that end, the Italian company has gone to great trouble in making the Scrambler “cool” for the younger “post-authentic” crowd.

As such, Dario Mastroianni (Officine Mermaid), Filippo Bassoli (Deus Ex Machina), and Nicola Martini (Mr. Martini) were given the first crack at modding Ducati’s newest model. The results have been interesting, and first up on our pages is the “Hondo Grattan” by Filippo Bassoli and the Deus Ex Machina crew in Milan.

The Hondo Grattan model struck our eye the hardest out of this trio, as it is perhaps the one furthest away from the hipster-centric marketing being pumped out by Ducati.

There is still a retro feel to the swooping yellow fairings, which really pop because of the black frame and engine pieces found on the stock Scrambler.

Contrasting the fairings of course is the powder blue seat — an interesting choice in colors, but compliments the design well. Color wheel aficionados  already knew that though.

At first glance, the Hondo Grattan was a “pass” for our eyes, but something about Bassoli’s work is intriguing, and we kept coming back to it. I’m not sold on it entirely, but I’m getting there — and I am of course a sucker for something a bit outside of the box. What are your thoughts?









Source: Ducati

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