Honda Trademarks “RC213V-S” in Europe

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Adding more fuel to the fire, concerning Honda’s long-awaited V4 production superbike, the Japanese manufacturer has registered the trademark “RC213V-S” with the European Union.

As MotoGP fans should already know, next year’s production race bike will be called the Honda RC213V-RS, which should make the more plain “S” designation sound suspiciously like a street-going model.

Not exactly the most glamorous name for a road bike, especially one of this stature, one could not fault Honda for wanting to draw a link between the production model and its GP-racing lineage.

Adding further credence that the bike in question is for production, Honda does not make a habit out of registering its race bike designations, in any markets.

The big question now seems to be whether Big Red will debut the Honda RC213V-S at this weeks’ EICMA show (unveiling the machine tomorrow), or if the company will wait until December to debut at the V4 superbike on its home soil, at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Time will tell, but until then, be sure to keep up-to-date with all our EICMA show coverage, right here.

Source: OHIM

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