Honda Releases Another V4 Adventure Concept Teaser

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Honda continues to tease us with concept sketches of its VFR inspired middleweight adventure bike, this time with a drawing of the bike head-on. Expected to have a smaller displacement than the VFR1200F sport-tourer, the advenutre-esque concept will fit a V4 power plant in a more upright and exposed frame and bodywork.

Showing the stacked headlight design, Honda’s new V4 will have a slim profile for better high-speed stability and engine/rider cooling. Honda is also saying that a “floating” instrument cluster will come on the bike, which should help keep eyes pointed down the road’s path.

Honda still intends the smaller displacement V4 adventure-based bike to be a road-oriented model, and will debut a 1200cc concept alongside the new bike at EICMA in a few weeks’ time. The 1200cc version will likely sport a dual-clutch transmission, but further details on both bikes are still scarce.