Honda RC213 Concept by Luca Bar Design

10/01/2012 @ 11:15 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

Our friend Luca Bar has been busy since the last time we showcased his work, and today the young Italian designer brings us his vision of the heavily rumored, and now confirmed, MotoGP-inspired V4 superbike that Honda will bring to market in 2014.

With Honda CEO Takanobu Ito drawing a distinct connection between the upcoming model and the Honda RC30, Bar has obviously chosen to dress his machine in the RC30’s livery, which has recently also made an appearance on this year’s Honda TT Legends machine.

Expected to be a premium-model superbike that draws heavily on the design and technology aspects of the Honda RC213V, it is not clear whether this is the same machine that Honda intends to offer as a “production racer” or if the street-bike-to-be is a further diluted version of that machine (MotoGP regulations regarding prototype machines would seem to suggest the latter, but tell that to the Aprilia ART).

Known to have a one-liter V4 motor, it is anyone’s guess as to what else Honda will offer — don’t hold your breath for a €500,000 seamless gearbox though.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • Afletra

    Ugly. For me it’s ugly. Desmosedici is one of a few prototype race bike that looks good when “converted” into a street sport bike. The other is YZR M1. RC’s??? Definitely not

  • anders eliasson

    I sure hope Honda can come up with better styling for whatever they end up putting out. But, to each their own :^). Many love the VFR1200, I think it looks like a fugly transformer …


  • Tim

    what happened to my post?

  • Aj

    For a guy who tries to market himself as a designer, he didn’t put much work in “designing” this bike. It’s just a basic photoshop job with bit’s and pieces from a CBR1000. If honda says they’ll build a v4 sportbike, they aren’t just going to paint the RC213V and sell it.


  • Brandon

    Never really impressed by these LBD concepts, sorry to say it. I could do that.

  • If Honda wants to produce a “HIGH END” bike they need to make it atleast SEXY… At a super high end market the bike needs to be sexy as well as perform…

  • MotoPilot

    Im sure the final design will not resemble the teaser art. I would hope that Honda will at least consider making the V4 reachable by us mere mortals. A true “Interceptor” of the past is what many of us have waited for….

  • Afletra

    Totally agree! My 14 years old lil’siez can make some “design” like this with a simple photoshop.

    Once again I have to say that I’m totally agree with you guys LOL

  • Keet

    lazy! …he just photoshopped a GSXR1000 headlight onto a RC213V