Honda Project 2&4 – A Honda RC213V-Powered Car

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The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner, and while the event is typically a four-wheeled affair, Honda is cooking up something that piques our two-wheeled interest here at Asphalt & Rubber.

Calling it the Honda Project 2&4, the concept is simple: a futuristic and sporty car that is powered by Honda’s championship-winning, 1000cc, 90°, V4, RC213V MotoGP engine. See, it’s piquing your interest too.


Honda says that Project 2&4 embodies the “creative craftsmanship” of the company, as it was designed by Honda’s motorcycle design center in Asaka, Japan and Honda’s automobile design center in Wako, Japan.

We can’t tell the franks from the beans in this teaser photo, but a little Photoshop work reveals a machine that looks a lot like an open-wheel racer, which would make sense since motorcycle engines are often sourced as powerplants for kit race cars, similar to the Honda Project 2&4.

Honda says that the 2&4 has a cabin-less structure, which provides the freedom of a motorcycle and the maneuverability of a car.

This only confirms our suspicion further that there’s a sporty open-wheel waiting for us in Frankfurt. We’re just hoping that you don’t have to buy a “Sport Kit” to boost the 2&4’s power from 101hp to 212hp. Too soon, Honda?

Source: Honda via AutoBlog