Honda Mid Concept – Is This The Year of the Scooter?

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Want further proof that the maxiscooter segments is poised to move in the next five years? Honda has also released its own take on the crossover market segment that sits between scooters and motorcycles, dubbed the Honda Mid Concept. With the upright and feet-forward sitting position of a scooter, but the 17″ wheels, dual-clutch transmission, and Pro-Link suspension of a Honda motorcycle, the Honda Mid Concept is another stab at looking for vehicles that fit the wants and needs of future motorcyclist and commuters.

It seems pretty apparent by now that motorcycle manufacturers foresee gasoline prices increasing over the coming years, as the finite resource becomes increasingly scarce. With transportation in urban settings already drastically changing (try driving into downtown London sometime), motorcycle companies are looking for practical, yet sophisticated responses to our transportation needs. Enter the maxiscooter segment.

Honda’s Mid Concept takes a more practical approach to the maxiscooter concept than BMW Concept C, showing us another layered fairing that’s based of the design premise first explored on the Honda VFR1200F and recently applied to the 2011 Honda Crossrunner and Honda Crosstourer Concept.

Source: Honda