Coming Soon: Honda Gold Wing F6C

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The force is strong with the Bothan Spy network today, as we have received news that Honda is set to debut a naked-style power cruiser, named the Honda Gold Wing F6C — a noticeable nod to a similar Honda motorcycle, the Honda F6C Valkyrie.

Though we don’t know what the final form of the F6C will be like (the Honda EV 6 Concept is above), it is said to be the bridge between the Honda CTX1300 and Honda Gold Wing F6B, the 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6C is a light and low cruiser in style, similar to the CTX1300.

However Gold Wing F6C will also be like the Honda Gold Wing F6B in that it will be based around the Gold Wing’s 1,832cc six-cylinder engine, which will make and underwhelming 108hp at 5,500 rpm and an overwhelming 116 lbs•ft of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Despite being built off the Gold Wing platform, the Honda Gold Wing F6C is a whopping 154 lbs lighter than the Honda Gold Wing GL1800, which should bring it in around 750 lbs at the curb. This would mean that the F6C, with its naked approach, will also be 100 lbs lighter than its fully-faired sibling, the F6B.

The Honda Gold Wing F6C’s chassis is made from an aluminum mult-box twin-spar frame, with the GL1800 engine mounted as a stressed member. The subframe has also been made to make for a very low passenger seat height, all in an effort to maintain rider stability at low speeds, and to improve handling at higher velocities.

The aluminum swingarm is of a single-sided design, with the front-end of the Honda Gold Wing F6C dramatically stretched out with its 30.5° rake and 121.5mm trail. The F6C will be equipped with a dual-channel ABS braking system, with dual 310mm discs up front, and a single 316mm disc in the rear.

Expect to see the 2014 Honda Gold Wing F6C officially debut in a couple weeks’ time. Could the F6c look like the Honda EVO 6 Concept, pictured above, which debuted in the 2007? Only time will tell.

Source: Bothan Spies