The Honda Super Cub Goes Electric

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An icon of motorcycling, the Honda Super Cub changed the perception of motorcycles in American culture by creating a bike that normal everyday people could use for basic transportation needs.

As times have changed, and a new-found desire for a cheap, efficient, people-pusher has emerged in the motorcycle industry, and Honda seems uncomfortable letting companies like Brammo tread on its domain.

Accordingly at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, Honda released an all new electric scooter design that plays heavily off its Super Cub predecessor. More info after the jump.

It’s hard to beat the Honda Super Cub, considering the bike is the single best selling model of motorcyle…ever. With over 60 million units sold, conservative giant Honda has finally seen fit to update the Super Cub, and this time it is with an electric drive-train.

The concept electric motorcycle features an all electric drive, that sports two drive motors (one on each wheel).

With the heavy weight of motors these days, this seems like a fanciful idea that doesn’t translate well into real-world applications, but perhaps the folks at Honda have more surprises up their sleeve than we give them credit for. Still the design of the concept is true to the originals lines, with an obvious reference being made.

We’re not sure if the new bike will retain the Super Cub name, or be called something more along the lines of “EV Cub” or something similarly horrible. Still, Honda reps told’s Autotopia that the bike will be “just as functional and convenient” as the Super Cub. Time will tell on that.

Source: Wired