Honda CX-01 Concept Revealed in India

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They say that in the future, most of the human race will be brown-skinned as racial-mixing will have run its course. That is, assuming climate change doesn’t induce a worldwide weather catastrophe or Russia doesn’t decide to sell some of its nuclear weapons cache to Christian extremists.

Similarly so, as time moves on, motorcycle manufacturers are picking their new conceptual product ideas out of the metaphorical melting pot. Dual-sports and crossovers like the Honda NC700X point to a design paradigm that favors a jack-of-all trades mentality towards practicality over specialization.

The Honda CX-01, a conceptual prototype revealed at 2014 Indian Auto Expo, represents Honda’s vision for a youth-targeted crossover motorcycle.

Seemingly designed to manage everything from the Armageddon-like traffic of Mumbai, to the lovely country backgrounds just outside the major cities, the CX-01 definitely looks the part. Honda has not disclosed any specifics however.

Nonetheless, a few details point to a more premium build: upside-down forks, dual exhaust mufflers (is it a parallel twin?), a rear mono shock, and LCD gauge display.

Sources also suggest that this bike will be manufactured in India. We will keep you all updated as further details emerge, but until then check out the bevy of photos taken the folks at Indian Autos Blog.

Photo: Indian Autos Blog