Honda CB300F Single-Cylinder Spotted in Trademark Docs?

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Just last week, Yamaha’s US trademark filings tipped off a possible three-cylinder sport-tourer from the Japanese OEM, and in that article we noted how intellectual property filings are becoming an important element in spotting new models from motorcycle manufacturers.

The irony of course is that patents and trademarks are designed to protect the intellectual property of applicants; but in our case, they often give notice to things OEMs would like to keep secret. Such is the case with what we believe is the Honda CB300F, a single-cylinder naked bike that is based off the Honda CBR300R small-displacement sport bike.

Spotted in European Union trademark filings with the EU’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the Honda CB300F (as we presume it will be called) is another offering from Big Red for the small-displacement category.

Beyond a visual assessment, not much is known about the machine, other than it appears to share a chassis with the CBR250R and CBR300R models, and has a single-cylinder engine. With the two small-displacement CBR’s having so much overlap, it’s not clear if Honda will make the new model in 250cc (thus a CB250F), 286cc (CB300F), or both.

We imagine that Honda could produce this street-naked in both varieties, with the displacement size varying for its intended market, as Big Red has done with the still unreleased Honda CBR300R sport bike. is reporting that leaked documents named a Honda CB250F as coming to market, with the document’s validity confirmed by other models that Honda has released already (Honda VFR800, Honda CBR650F, & Honda CB650F).

With American Honda being tough to read on its model choices, when compared to the global Honda offerings, it’s really anyone’s guess as to what will arrive in the USA.

One interesting point of fact though, this alleged Honda CB300F model was trademarked with the OHIM at the same time as the Honda CB3R300R. So, we will see if that foreshadow’s anything.







Source: OHIM