Honda Africa Twin Revealed in Photos

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After Honda first released heavily cropped and vignetted photos of the 2016 Honda Africa Twin, we have been wanting to know more about the 1,000cc ADV bike.

It helps that a video leaked of the Africa Twin out playing in the dirt, but of course we know that the CRF1000L (as Honda designates it) will be very similar to the True Adventure prototype that Honda brought to EICMA.

But like the spoiled children we the media are, we want to open all our Christmas presents right now, so we go digging through the interwebs for every little clue.

Luckily, patent applications for the Honda Africa Twin’s design show the new off-roader in all its glory, sans color unfortunately. Still, this is our first glimpse at the final design of the Africa Twin, which will be in US dealers early next year.

While we’re still at the mercy of Honda for releasing all the details on the Africa Twin, we do know that Big Red has adapted its dual-clutch transmission for off-road use, which means that the CRF1000L will be the first ADV bike with push-to-shift technology — something that should help riders who are out of the saddle while riding and banging through the gearbox.

Expected to be an adventure bike that focuses more on the trails than the tarmac, it will be interesting to see how the Africa Twin stacks up against the BMW R1200GSA and KTM 1190 Adventure. It will also be interesting to see what the public’s response will be to Honda’s added tech. Stay tuned.


Source: AMCN