Oh My! The Honda Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

11/08/2016 @ 2:13 am, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


File the Honda Africa Twin Enduro Sports concept under things we like, as the adventure-bike concept takes perhaps the most off-road competent ADV bike on the market, and raises its dirt credit by another factor of ten.

Built off the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, the Enduro Sports concept is intended to expand the Africa Twin family, and to help the new adventure bike attract more riders into its Cult of Brap.

To do this, Honda’s R&D department came up with several lighter weight chassis components (Honda does say what specifically, of course), which were initially developed for the Honda CRF450 Rally race bike, which competes in the Dakar Rally.

The styling is aggressive, especially with the revised headlight assembly. The windscreen and fairings have been re-styled for a sportier look as well, and of course the Termignoni exhaust system is eye-catching, in utilitarian sort of way. Overall, the effect is quite stark.

Honda concept bikes have a funny way of becoming production models in a year or two’s time. As such, we wouldn’t mind have one in our garage. Would you?

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Source: Honda

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  • keron Grant

    The great recession was the best thing that happened for motorcycling. You would not have this variety of bikes had things stayed the same. What a time to be alive.

  • appliance5000

    Are we at supermoto yet? sweet.

  • MrDefo

    That is a beauty of a bike.

  • ColoradoS14

    Man, this thing is sexy. You rarely get to say that about a Honda too!

  • Tifo

    Would I mind having one in my garage? Hell no! Not if it looked like that! But will it? Or will they water it doen like the 250? Come on Honda…We all want a Dakar bike to hoon on without having to rebuild the engine ever few hours. Do it!!! Just like in the pictures!

  • Moto Ray

    I can’t believe this came from Honda! So very nice.

  • Beewill

    Be still my bleeding orange heart…….

  • HelloFriend

    Yup…this does it for me. Nice work Honda.

  • Cru Jones

    You could argue this is what the AT should have looked like from the beginning.

  • UnsteadyVelocity

    You could argue that indeed. But you could consequently argue that Honda would have not sold as many AT as they have until now. This version up here looks fantastic, but it is a niche of a niche.

  • zion

    Sweet Jeeebus!

  • jay

    that dude’s face is so smug and happy. i would be too.

  • hvmnl

    Why not get a CCM GP450 or a KTM 690 enduro then?

  • Tifo

    The CCM leaves me cold but if KTM/Husqvarna would sell a Rallye version I would be all over it. The cost of picking up a 690/701Enduro and building a Rallye spec bike doesn’t excite me much either. Can’t please some folk! ;-)

  • hvmnl

    I’d say this AT is at least as far from a rallye spec bike as a stock 690E is ;-) Personally, I think these concept bikes are mostly marketing, to make us believe the stock bikes are close to the Real Thing(tm), when these are actually road oriented bikes.

  • Tifo

    I agree 100%. It’s a rallye-ish looking bike. I wouldn’t want to try to race one but it would make for a fun road bike and charging round fields on. All bike seem to be pretty singularly focussed. Sports bikes only really do fast well, proper enduro bikes are only really any good off road etc. That Honda to pretend your a rallye god and a Husky te300 for actual enduro and I’d be set.

  • Reano 29

    Up until now I have been wanting to buy a KTM 690 Enduro R but if Honda gets this bike into production soon enough they can take My money instead.

  • Dan Turkal


  • Paul Wilcox

    How about putting the xr650r back out but updated. You know e-start and EFI!!! I can live with the 5 speed even!!!