Hero HX250R – An Erik Buell Racing Designed 250cc

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With a shot across the bow of former-partner Honda, Hero recently unveiled its flagship HXR 250R small-displacement sports bike this week.

Aimed at young enthusiasts in developing markets and newer riders in general, the claimed power of 31 hp, coupled with the svelte 306 lbs curb weight, make it both more powerful and lighter than the current Honda CBR250R and putting in more in line with the CBR300R.

We are told that the Erik Buell Racing (EBR) had a hand in helping design and develop the bike but it is unclear what specifically EBR contributed towards the design.

Hero currently holds a 49.2% stake in EBR and plans to use EBR’s distribution network in the United States to bring Hero’s bikes to our shores.

The bike itself looks modern by current generation standards, neither pushing the aesthetics game into new territory nor looking dated on delivery.

The power-to-weight ratio, while not at KTM RC390 levels, is highly respectable and more than adequate in this bike’s role as a world market small displacement sport bike and as a beginner friendly bike.

Expect to hear more about this bike any others stemming rom the EBR-Hero partnership in the coming year when the full US lineup is revealed.

Source: Hero; Photo: Motoroids