Harley-Davidson is releasing an electric motorcycle tomorrow, did you know? Something that we were put onto two years ago, alluded to last year, and spied last week, a quick stroll through the US Patent and Trademark filings shows that the “Livewire” name was registered by Harley-Davidson, for use on “motorcycles and structural parts therefor.”

Though the trademark has been registered for over a year now, the name can be seen on the side of the motorcycle that was spotted on the set of the new Avengers movie. Details on the new Harley-Davdison Livewire are scarce at this point, but we do know that the motorcycle will unveil tomorrow.

A bold move from the Bar & Shield brand, the big question will not be how the current Cult of Harley responds to an electric model, but whether non-Harley riders are intrigued by the Livewire. What say yee Asphalt & Rubber readers?

Source: USPTO

  • Alclab

    Interesting indeed, I must admit I’m a Harley hater in general (really dislike the sound, the hige displacement to turn gasoline into sound and not so much HP, and the “paying for brand and image in general”) , but I have to say that this is a pretty bold move for HD, obviously to attract a younger more efficency conscious adult, and who doesn’t really have a connection to the “Harley’s of old”, but it might just work. If the manage to get a good range, I think this is a good move and a bet for the future, for HD.

    I just wonder (as stated on the article) what existing Harley roders will think of their “potato.potato” sound being taken away from them, and if they can fathom being at a stoplight and cruising at 20 MPH without causing a ruckus and having the people around cover their ears…

  • Lance Zabrowski

    No doubt this is a spaceshot for HDMC-but it is a valiant effort-and for my tastes, well done. The purists will hate it-just like they resist any form of change (re:V-Rod) but I don’t see that really being an issue-this bike was not built to please their “current” customers-who basically bleed V-Twin and would never consider this bike to begin with. It has an organic flavor to the frame, and some café and street tracker thrown in also, so it is tastefully modern styling, with very little of traditional HDMC cues-so this is a new customer, a departure from tradition, and a shot at a whole new customer base. Nice work HD, I hope it pays off for you-this is a big step. Can’t wait to see it blow off a CVO at a stoplight…

  • crshnbrn

    So Harleys will be like guitars, available in electric or acoustic versions. I would like very much to experience the electric version.

  • Looter

    Surprised HD didn’t name it Lightning Rod or Fried Potato! Cool nonetheless.

  • Sally Fields

    HD comes out with a bold, new bike line that goes against their entrenched ways – in an effort to get a new generation into their prehistoric brand.

    The’ll put it in a back corner of their dealerships, treat it like a red headed step child… and despite years of poor marketing, juuuust as it starts to take traction….

    at the’ll axe it.

    I guess they went with Livewire, because Lightning is still buried in a trailer behind Buell’s shop.

  • crshnbrn

    ^ Let me guess, you own/owned a Buell. That’s okay. I haven’t forgiven them for pulling the rug out from under Erik either.

  • Jw


  • Jason

    If the specs are good, I want one!

  • Lewis Dawson

    “Sparkster” LOL… JW is the winner!

  • Yamamotto

    Yee-Haw, haters on both sides of the fence.