FZ-07 Powered Yamaha Super Ténéré Spotted

04/14/2016 @ 10:46 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


It looks like Yamaha is getting ready to bring an updated Tiny Ténéré to market (photos here), giving ADV riders a new middleweight option in the Yamaha lineup. This is because spy photos from Europe show what looks like a adventure-tourer, powered by the 689cc FZ-07 parallel-twin engine.

If we do see a Yamaha XT700ZE enter the market, it would be a welcomed compliment to the 1200cc Yamaha Super Ténéré, and help the Japanese brand compete in the increasingly competitive ADV market, especially against brands that already have a ~800cc adventure model available.

While the past decade or so has seen the rise of 1,000cc+ machines in the ADV category, 2016 is marking a point in time where OEMs finally listen to the call from adventure riders for smaller machines.

Already we have seen Big Red gearing up to release its Honda CRF250 Rally, with a 450cc model based on the Dakar Rally racer expected as well.

Other rumors also suggest that Honda is working on a middleweight ADV bike, to compliment the Honda Africa Twin, which could bring back the Dominator name to off-road riding.

Thanks to the versatility in Yamaha’s FZ/MT line, we are seeing a variety of bikes emerging from the Iwata brand, all of which use the same power plant, but in very different model segments.

This FZ-07 powered machines looks a little too raw to be a 2017 model, but we would expect it to drop in time for the 2018 model year, perhaps in mid-2017. Stay tuned.

Photo: © 2016 BMH-Images — All Rights Reserved

  • Yamaha ought to launch the XT700 in India ASAP. They would be able to garner a tremendous share of the adventure – tourer market segment.

    This has the potential to haul 70-80 Kgs of rider + 30 Kgs of luggage all day long.

    Additionally, it would be more prudent to localise production to make it deliver more bang for the buck!

  • Sui-Juris

    FZ-07 Dual Purpose sounds interesting. Depends what Yamaha would do to to the engine. The tuning, if any.

    Really would like to see a scaled down AfricaTwin (650cc-ish) tho.

  • Bruce

    The FZ-7 is hella light, and this bike could be the real deal. The FZ-7 is also priced super aggressively and this has all the makings of a home run.

  • AHA

    Crazy how dual-sports offerings are suddenly getting sensible & practical after years of adventure behemoth madness. Didn’t see that trend coming. Mfrs must have realised there are some buyers who actually want to ride as opposed to pose. ;)

  • lennard schuurmans

    since a month or two the photo’s on your website look like this…?
    I’m using firefox. Can you fix this please? Cheers, Lenny

  • Bluesceyes

    So does this take the place of the rumored (or wished for) FZ-09 Adventure model. I know the FJ kinda fits this but something closer to the Super Ten. I’m looking at buying a Super Ten but one based on the 900cc triple powerplant would be the bees knees. That engine is nuts.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    I’m on Firefox as well, and this does not happen to me (however sometimes the images will appear squished like that for several seconds before the page has entirely loaded.)
    Can you confirm you are on the latest Firefox? (click three bars icon in upper right, then question mark at the bottom of the menu, then ‘about Firefox’) 45.0.2 seems to be current release version.

  • lennard schuurmans

    Thanks for your reply Mitchel. Yes I have version 45.0,2. Sometimes I can see the normal images and some times they are squished. I updated my Imac recently. Before the update it happened, and now it’s still happening. strange…

  • Try clearing your browser cache.

  • Singletrack

    I like where this is going. Lighter is always better when it comes to motorcycles.

    In related news, I walked past a 70’s CB350 Four the other day. I forgot how small bikes used to be. Are people that much larger now ??

  • jose

    A very interesting bike specially if it’s orientated to the road more than to the countryside. I think it’s possible to make a pretty popular bike if Yamaha reaches a middle-price bike full of its technology.