FTR M211 Moto2 Bike – The Ultimate Christmas Gift?

11/30/2012 @ 10:52 am, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

UPDATE: This bike is no longer available, though though the FTR Moto2 bike that Alex de Angelis used to win the Sepang round this year has just found its way back to the FTR shop.

Trolling the internet for things I can’t afford, but which my credit card can, I think I may have discovered the perfect gift for the motorcyclist who has everything: a 2011 FTR M211 Moto2 race bike that has been upgraded with 2012-spec components.

Featuring a Spanish CEV Moto2-spec Honda motor with 186 miles on it, this FTR M211 has plenty of tasty other bits that also justify its €39,000 (+VAT) price tag, such as the Öhlins suspension (FG366 forks, TTX36 shock), magnesium OZ wheels, AP brakes, Akrapovic exhaust, carbon fiber bodywork (Yonny Hernández’s Blusens livery), and titanium fastners.

The devil is in the details of course, and having visited FTR HQ earlier this year, I can personally attest to the craftsmanship that has gone into FTR’s work. Take the swingarm for instance, notice anything missing? The FTR Moto2 bike doesn’t have stand spools or anything obvious for the rear stand to grab onto in these photos.

Instead, FTR has built the chassis in such a way that a standard rear stand fits into hidden slots on the bottom of the swingarm, where a spool-like structure is concealed internally, which makes for an attractive solution to a basic track bike feature. Other little refinements abound on this machine, which is probably why so much of the Moto2 Championship grid is comprised of FTR’s work.

Trust me when I say, this is the machine for the discerning track day enthusiast…or if you are a hopeful CEV Moto2 team. Interested parties should get in contact with Fabio at FTR.

Source: FTR Moto

  • dear santa…. hear my thougths

  • MikeD

    Cute looking little thing…LMAO.
    Seriously, u keep the bike, give me the doug and i’ll be better off than buying something i couldn’t possibly ride properly in the wildest of my dreams even 1000 years from now.
    Plenty of nice bling xcept for the “garden variety CBR600RR engine high on face eating drugs”…that…that you can keep it.

  • 76

    Its a catch 22 with a racebike like this, man would it be fun to have one. On the other hand everytime you start it (with the additional starter you put on) theres going to be that little voice saying dont crash this thing. If you just want a show piece just get a tweeked one that dosent run and spanking new bodywork.

    Really would be interesting to see how different the chassis feels vrs a CBR6oo… HP really isnt anything to brag about on a moto2 bike, 125 to 128 RWHP is the reality of the engine. AMA FX 600’s in their day put out 140 to 150RWHP… DSB 600’s not on Sunoco can easily put moto2 numbers down currently

  • Just got word from FTR that this particular bike is no longer available, though they do have for sale the Moto2 bike that Alex De Angelis used to win the Sepang round.