Ex-Works 1986 Buell RR1000R for Sale on eBay

02/28/2010 @ 6:33 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

We’re not ones to post eBay auctions although we have done it from time to time, but as usual the lot we’ve found is worth a little reader attention. Up for sale is an ex-works 1986 Buell RR1000R that has found its way across the pond onto English land. This one of a kind Buell racer pre-dates the Harley funded XR1000 powered RR1000R Battle Twins that ran in 1987 & 1988, and looks to be in great shape.

Bought from Erik Buell himself, this RR1000R was raced by CR&S in the Italian Battle of the Twins series. It has obvious upgrades, but is still a slice of American roadracing history, and would look nice in any collectors garage. Like what you see? Well you better have the wallet for it. Currently the “Buy-it Now” price is $155,000. Ouch!

Source: eBay via @SoCalBuellRider

  • Ryu

    凄いのが売りに出てる→”Ex-Works 1986 Buell RR1000R for Sale on eBay” http://bit.ly/9j3ee2

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  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Ex-Works 1986 Buell RR1000R for Sale on eBay http://bit.ly/dctc3T

  • This bike was not an orignal Buell RR1000, but was constructed from a chassis and an engine later obtained. It is a bike that Buell did not build or sell. Still a cool replica.


  • Steve

    Blake your statement is not accurate and somewhat misleading.

    The chassis 100% Buell RR confirmed by Henery Duga, it’s true that Buell did not build this bike to this condition, however it was previously built up by Buell into a (race) bike a stripped sometime in the early 1990’s.

    The chassis was bought from Erik Buell as parts kit, I have the original documentation confirming the sale (frame, swing arm, Ohlins shock, breather tank, seat, exhaust and engine mountings).

    The engine also came from Buell and again I have documentation. Recently Erik stated that the engine was Scot Zampaks race engine.


  • What Blake states is indeed accurate. The article is misleading and inaccurate:

    “Up for sale is an ex-works 1986 Buell RR1000R” ?

    No, it is not. It is a bike built from parts, some obtained from Erik Buell.

    “Bought from Erik Buell himself, this RR1000R”?

    Clearly implies the bike was purchased intact from Erik. It was not.

  • steve

    Ok i accept the forks , the wheels, brakes and the minor parts were not purchased from Buell but actually i never said they were; please read the add in full. However the core of the bike was; Frame, swing arm, all of the engine mounting system, rear shock, the engine complete (but rebuilt later), seat and breather/separator tank all came from Mr Buell. Or rather the IMPORTANT stuff and 80% of the bike.

    It’s an 86 frame (one other known to exist i am informed) and works engine. What more do you want.

    Everything to rebuild the bike to period race spec is easily obtainable, M1R forks, Dymag wheels (dymag are currently not producing but will be up a running very soon) and lockheed calipers (though why any one would fit a 4 piston rear caliper is bordering on sucidal). The disc’s i can make blind folded.

    I think you are also quoting out of context certain passages from the add which is a little unfair Mr Buell Forum.

    Surely as a rare motorcycle or at the very least the 80% basis of a very very early buell one would think the Buell Forum might be a little more generous. However I am guessing that Mr Buell Forum is a last word freak!