When the Erik Buell Racing 1190SX first debuted, EBR was tight-lipped on any specifics about its streetfighter model. Thankfully East Troy has given us a few more details, and we now know that the 2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX will not have a detuned v-twin motor from its EBR 1190RX superbike counterpart, so 185hp and 101 lbs•ft of torque will be on tap for street bike fans…as it should be

Additionally, the EBR 1190SX will come with a $16,995 price tag, which prices it just above the Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS ($14,999) and BMW S1000R ($13,150 – $14,950), while being on par in price with the KTM 1290 Super Duke R ($16,999).

With the 185hp power rating, the EBR 1190SX lays claim to having the most horsepower in the streetfighter segment (the KTM is second with 177hp), thanks mainly to Erik Buell Racing’s desire to keep its superbike engine intact. Not only does this allow EBR to demand a premium on the 1190SX, but it also keeps costs down for the brand while it grows its unit volumes.

Of note, the 2015 EBR 1190SX comes without an ABS option, and Erik Buell Racing makes no mention of a traction control system — two key tech pieces found on the 1190SX’s competition.

With the EBR 1190RX coming with traction control, it surprises us to see it absent on the streetfighter model. Whether that’s a production decision, or just another detail that hasn’t come forth, remains to be seen.

The 2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX will be available at dealers in early-July, and will be available in red, white, and black color schemes.








Source: Erik Buell Racing

  • Andrey

    Erik Buell deserves to succeed for his sheer tenacity and determination but with a bike like this at this price point he is absolutely on the right track.
    Would like to see a little more crazy styling but I bet this thing will haul ass.

  • paulus

    Best of luck to EB… but at that price, the KTM would be my choice.
    this just does not have the lines to invoke my passion.

  • james h

    that will be my next bike. it has everything i like. i traded my superduke 990 for the sportster i have now with a bit of regret. i think trading my sporty for this will make things right again.

  • Jw

    Of the total rider population, how many have the gift and skill to use 185 hp?
    And 19k out the door to spend?

  • paulus

    At JW ;)
    You are lucky folks to be paying only 19K
    The rest of the world has to pay between 150% and 300% of the US pricing for most anything.
    A KTM 1290 duke in Asia is almost $50K :(

  • Andrey

    paulus, you have no idea how much people bleat here about how things are too expensive! It’s a joke. They even complain about he price of gas ( petrol)! Many have no idea how cheap things are here in the US.

  • Andrey

    The not he

  • Tim

    It has traction control… I see the same encoder wheel that is on the back as the RX.

  • JoeD

    Buell make a fine motorcycle. I do agree with Andrey, way too much whining over here. People complain about fuel but think nothing of buying bottled water for a $1.50 per 20 fl.oz. That’s roughly $7.50 per gallon. For water!

  • Steve

    At this price, the Tuono v4R is a steal and almost certainly a better bike. Same goes for the S1000R although it doesn’t have the same character as its competition.

  • Phoneix_Ikki

    Seriously for that kind of money you still don’t get ABS with it? I know a lot of people don’t care for it but for a street bike I think it’s a nice feature. Plus if you look at the similar price competitor, they all offer ABS and some even have DDC for the price.

  • Might be overpriced, but I am still wiping the drool of my mouth.

  • Instead of the “artistic ” lo-res images and a company press release about their bike, what I’d really like to see from this publication and others is a detailed breakdown of the parts that make up this bike, so I can decide for myself if it’s really worth 17 grand, and after taxs and fees, I’m sure it’s closer to 19-20 grand.

    Why would I want to buy this over a Super Duke? Let’s see a head-to-head performance comparison.

  • EBR didn’t want A&R riding the 1190RX, so you shouldn’t hold your breath on us swinging a leg over the 1190SX either…

  • For the record, the only people who deserve to succeed in the motorcycle business or any business for that matter, are those who produce a superior product, or at the very least a comparable product at a competitive price.

  • rashomon

    Traction control is definitely included on the 1190SX.