Energica Eva – Italy’s 2nd Electric Motorcycle Coming Soon

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Just a couple weeks ago, we got to ride the Energica Ego, a bike that made quite an impression on us. Now it seems Energica is readying an encore to its first electric motorcycle, the Energica Eva. Details are light at the moment, though we know the Eva will debut at EICMA, and be based off the Ego’s platform.

A streetfighter to the Ego’s superbike format, we expect the Eva to come with the same 134hp PMAC motor and 11.7 kWh battery pack. With less fairings and a more upright riding position, the Energica Eva will go more head-to-head in form-factor to the Brammo Empulse R and Zero SR.

As such pricing will be key, and if they Energica Ego’s cost is any indication, the Energica Eva will certainly be on the higher-end of the price spectrum.

That might make things tough for would-be buyers, who would have to make tradeoffs between the Energica’s superior power, throttle, and fit-and-finish, and the Brammo and Zero’s lower price points.

With EICMA only a few more months away, and the Energica Eva to debut then, we should be getting more information soon. So, stay tuned.

Source: Energica