Ducati Vyper Spy Shots

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The folks at MCN have either been playing with Play-doh again, or have managed to sneak a camera into Ducati HQ. Irregardless, the result is this image of what can only be the rumored Ducati Vyper cruiser.

Details are scarce on the Vyper, other than the obvious: a performance cruiser designed to go after the more red-blooded riders amongst us. Looking at the photo, we do see that the bike has a unique rear-shock placement underneath the swing-arm, which does not definitively seem to be a single-sided swinger. The rest of the bike borrows the steel trellis frame, and styling that looks similar to what Luca Bar rendered for us earlier this year.

We can probably expect to see the first official glimpse of the Vyper at Milan in November, along with the rumored Ducati Adventure, the BMW GS killer.

While the Ducati Vyper will likely fit in at the new Orange Country Choppers Ducati dealership, we can’t imagine the amount of brand equity that is being lost by having a Teutul owned Ducati shop, and Harley-esque competitor coming into the fold. Clearly the folks in Bologna are looking to saturate into every concieveable market segment they can think of.

We can only expect to see a Ducati Scooter in the near future. Some Multistrada critics might say that bike has already arrived.

Photo: MotoRevue via HFL