Ducati Supersport Concept by Luca Bar

07/15/2011 @ 11:41 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Tracing back to when Ducati made the SS line, Luca Bar has put pen to pad again, rendering a modern-day version of the Ducati Supersport. Envisioning a motorcycle based off Ducati’s popular Monster 1100 EVO platform, the Supersport would feature the same 1,078cc air-cooled two-valve v-twin motor of the Monster, which should provide plenty of power and take some design cues from the top-spec naked bike. Bar also points out that using the Monster as the basis for the Supersport could help keep costs down as well, and keep the MSRP close to the Monster 1100 EVO (we’d imagine pricing would have the SS as slightly pricier than the Monster).

The idea of a Ducati Supersport is an interesting one, as the model already has a rich history with the Italian company. With the Ducati Superbike 1199 coming out later this year, and a revision to the Streetfighter model also expected, it’s a thin line where the Supersport could fit into Ducati’s lineup. Sportier than the Monster, but not as sporty as the Superbike, and unlike the Streetfighter with its liquid-cooled motor, there could be enough differentiation from the Monster, Streetfighter, and Superbike to justify the Supersport in Ducati’s repertoire.

The catch will be on whom Ducati sees buying such a model, as the company has lately been going after customer demographics that currently are not in the Bologna brand’s core constituency. Perhaps an answer to what an aging sportbiker would ride, the Supersport could cannabalize on sales for the Diavel and Multistrada 1200 (which are currently serving this need in the Ducati brand), though it could also provide an avenue for an older rider to own a more comfortable, but still racy Italian rocket (arguably something the Diavel and MTS 1200 are not).

It’s certainly a concept to ponder, and as usual, Luca makes the machine look enticing. Will Ducati make on though? Only time will tell.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • patron

    Reminds me of the old Superhawk.

  • KillerKW

    As a satisfied owner of a 900SS, I can certainly see the charm of an aggressive air-cooled street bike. Although I was sad to see the SuperSport disappear from the Ducati lineup a few years ago, it was replaced with the pretty (in pictures) Sport Classic line for the poseurs, and the Hypermotard for the hooligans; pretty much covering all of the people who would purchase an SS. With the demise of the Sport Classics (poor sales?) there is certainly a market for those who want others to beleive they own a ‘real Ducati Superbike.’ For those with deep pockets and a real love of air-cooled Ducatis, there are a few good choices out there from Pierobon, Bimota, and NCR among others (albeit not so much street legal in the US).

    It seems right now that Ducati is more concerned with looking into the future than dreaming of past glory days. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (1199 looks to be pretty mean), I will still be dreaming of that Pierobon Fo42 Street.

  • Alexontwowheels

    Meh… kinda fugly. Not a fan of the halfway sport halfway naked bikes personally. Why blur the lines between the two, especially when Ducati excels at both so supremely?

  • ML

    This looks, umm… ugly. Please don’t make this, ever.

  • I love the idea, but not this styling, it looks pretty ordinary to me. I’d love a superlight, torquey super handler with the best suspension with styling cues and colors from the original bevelhead 750/900SS bikes, but thats just coz I’m old enough to remember them fondly.

    The Paul Smart was ok looking, but had the plastic tank problems, and the compromised suspension, both of which put me off buying one. I like the look of nostalga, but I don’t want to step back in time when it comes to road ability. A factory Ducati with big dose of NCR ‘New Blue’ syling flair would be a very tempting platform.

  • Alex

    Not very easy on the eyes.

  • george_fla

    As long as they stick to that atrocious trellis front and cast sub frame rear the bike is gonna look like ass, no matter what goodies they hang on it. Not that they couldnt get the 2 to compliment each its just that they DIDNT.

  • Andrew

    This is an ugly attempt at something Ducati should have retained in their line up. There are better renderings out there for an SS for sure. The front fairing just doesn’t fit… the lines just do not flow with the rest of the bike. Looks just right from an accountants perspective though because cobbled together “parts bin specials” keep costs down and margins up!
    I love my Ducatis’ but still long for a bike that I can take the wife riding on. Apart from its odd appearance and ridiculously high seat, the MTS1200 pillion accommodation is good, I’ll give you that. (but man it’s an ugly bike and certainly not sporty looking). The Superbike, Monster, Streetfighter and Hyper are NOT pillion friendly by any means. The Diavel seems OK for a small passenger only; but its a cruiser :-(
    Ducati, in their bean counter driven pursuit of the bottom line, have forgotten one of the core market segments that kept them alive for a couple decades, namely a reasonably comfortable sporty looking bike with touring ability FOR TWO PEOPLE!.
    I don’t think the SportClassic was ever meant to remain a key part of their product lineup and certainly with the demise of the GT they have little for those who wish to ride with a partner. Proof of the fact that the market exists is shown by the fact the GT was carried for longer than the other SportClassics. Further evidence that the market is there can be seen in the many online forums but they just haven’t addressed the need. They are so busy segmenting the market they have overlooked the need for an all purpose machine with great sporty looks offering the traditional Ducati experience.
    I suppose it should not come as a surprise because one thing they have done consistently from the early 70’s onward, is to make some pretty bad marketing decisions on occasion. Thats the Italian way!

  • Walter

    Ugly enough to be a BMW

  • gonzalo

    There is a better option http://www.f042.com!
    That supersport rocks!

  • Hodgmo

    I’m going to buck the trend here. To me, the look of this bike is just about right on the money. Exhaust mounted low on the opposite side of the single swing-arm? -correct. Open visibility of the beautiful air cooled twin? -correct. Long saddle with room to move around? -correct. Stripped down look but still a useable fairing? -correct. The bottom line is, this could be a daily rider you enjoy every time you fire it up. It depends how well the product delivers verses the concept intent. If it was sitting on the showroom floor, would you want to test ride it? -correct.