Ducati Supersport Concept by Luca Bar

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Tracing back to when Ducati made the SS line, Luca Bar has put pen to pad again, rendering a modern-day version of the Ducati Supersport. Envisioning a motorcycle based off Ducati’s popular Monster 1100 EVO platform, the Supersport would feature the same 1,078cc air-cooled two-valve v-twin motor of the Monster, which should provide plenty of power and take some design cues from the top-spec naked bike. Bar also points out that using the Monster as the basis for the Supersport could help keep costs down as well, and keep the MSRP close to the Monster 1100 EVO (we’d imagine pricing would have the SS as slightly pricier than the Monster).

The idea of a Ducati Supersport is an interesting one, as the model already has a rich history with the Italian company. With the Ducati Superbike 1199 coming out later this year, and a revision to the Streetfighter model also expected, it’s a thin line where the Supersport could fit into Ducati’s lineup. Sportier than the Monster, but not as sporty as the Superbike, and unlike the Streetfighter with its liquid-cooled motor, there could be enough differentiation from the Monster, Streetfighter, and Superbike to justify the Supersport in Ducati’s repertoire.

The catch will be on whom Ducati sees buying such a model, as the company has lately been going after customer demographics that currently are not in the Bologna brand’s core constituency. Perhaps an answer to what an aging sportbiker would ride, the Supersport could cannabalize on sales for the Diavel and Multistrada 1200 (which are currently serving this need in the Ducati brand), though it could also provide an avenue for an older rider to own a more comfortable, but still racy Italian rocket (arguably something the Diavel and MTS 1200 are not).

It’s certainly a concept to ponder, and as usual, Luca makes the machine look enticing. Will Ducati make on though? Only time will tell.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)