Ducati ST owners were less than thrilled to learn that their sport-tourer would not return for the 2008 model year, after Ducati sold just barely over 1,000 units of the bike in 2007. Adding insult to injury was the news that Ducati wasn’t looking to revive the ST brand in the coming years, leaving the Italian company without a proper sport-tourer in its model line-up.

With the introduction of the Ducati Multistrada 1200, the Italian brand offered what some ST owners thought was a poor successor for their cult status motorcycle. With the MTS 1200 being more oriented for adventure duty than a pure street/sport tourer, there remains a gap in Ducati’s line-up that some believe should be filled.

One of those persons is designer Luca Bar, who took some time to make a Ducati ST1200 concept, which draws inspiration from the Multistrada 1200, and shows that Ducati could make a convincing sport-tourer that could share heavily from the common parts bin, thus making it a cost-effective model.

Source: Luca Bar (Personal Blog)

  • Sorry, it doesn’t do anything for me…

  • Richard Gozinya

    That’s just a photoshop of a MST.

  • Make it Duc red, get rid of them bags, lower them front bars and I would think about getting one!

  • Other Sean

    I agree with Richard, this wasn’t worth posting.

  • Rexr

    YUK……bloody awful………and don’t give up ur day job..

  • Johndo

    Looks ok. If I loved the brand and was looking for an ST, I might consider it. Those luggage would need to be bigger though, that angle at the back of them limits the space inside, like it does on the Multistrada. Of course it’s not as sexy as an 848 but, it’s an ST.

  • RKL

    I’ve had better looking bowel movements. Admittedly, mine tend to be rather beautiful, but still.

  • tiresmoke

    It still has the “throttle by wire”,, which means a piece of silicon holds your right wrist hostage.

    Put cables on it and watch it sell.

    Just a thought.

  • Tommy

    While the bike in some form is needed, deriving it off of the multistrada is definitely NOT the way to do it. The STs are supposed to be beautiful italian designs that are somehow practical. Like a Maserati Quatroporte. I rather see a photo chop of a 998 made into a sport tourer….

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  • Ron

    There is much about the Multi 1200 that would be worth saving, but the body is not one of them. Giving Captain Beaky a nose job is like the proverbial lipstick on a pig – it still goes ‘oink’. Ducati has a deep repertoire of pleasing designs that could easily be mated to the engine and frame of the 1198, with Monster 1100 ergonomics and a nice pair of forks. Bingo, you have the ST we have been wanting.

  • John

    Good start, but the main elements to me are wind blast protection and comfortable seating, both single and two up. It doesn’t look compatible for two up, looks like a sport bike configuration. I agree the design should employ more “Italian” characteristics (we know what that is but can’t describe it, you know it when you see it). The luggage is too sharp and perhaps the concept as well.

    I know the reason why Ducati dropped the ST line, poor sales. But the real reason in my opinion was poor design and lacking sport/tour features. Now that a few years have passed, the technology is available, the need for a sport tour bike is obvious and Ducati has a wonderful opportunity to bring the bike back as the leader in this segment. Lastly, another reason and likely a main sticking point in sales success is the fact an owner is required to bring his bike in every 6K miles for an expensive and not cost effective service. This was changed to 7.5K miles, but thats hardly an improvement. But, with better engine design and tuning the Testastretta motor in some of the newly released models are required service intervals of an amazing 15K miles! This is no small improvement, this is hugh, especially in a bike category that promotes touring. This alone will attract buyers.

    I’ve been a sport bike rider most of my life and feel I’m past due converting to a more comfortable sport tour bike (more touring than sport). I would have bought an older ST but the service intervals defeated that idea. So it looks like I will be “divorcing” the brand loyalty when I decide to make the change because Ducati is ignoring a large and getting older riding crowd.

  • -Lazarus-

    I like the idea but, let’s have a pipe on either side and a bit larger fuel tank to take a decent 21Ltrs or more, none of this 15Ltr rubbish like nowadays! Oh yes and RED it just has to be RED!

  • BikePilot

    For a quick and dirty ‘chop, that’s really pretty good. Ducati could probably pull this off with a high degree of parts commonality and relatively little additional R&D. Probably a good idea for them. Personally I’ll take the long suspension and upright seating of the multi.

  • Lazarus, FYI the MTS 1200 has a 20L fuel tank.

  • BikePilot

    Oooo, here’s an idea! Add a blower to it and dethrone the C-14 or whatever is today’s most-powerful sport-tourer ;) If the Australians can do a limited production 999 making 200hp, surely Ducati could get a reliable 200hp out of a lightly blown 1198 mill.

  • Sandro R.

    To be true to the original, it should come with the Superquadro. Testatretta, the 11degree version, is boring. Needs more wind protection and higher bars.