The Clearest Ducati Scrambler Photo Yet

07/02/2014 @ 2:31 pm, by Jensen Beeler46 COMMENTS


We’re not too far away from seeing the Ducati Scrambler officially, but the good folk over at Motociclismo have managed to get their hands on a photo of Bologna’s newest model, looking almost ready for production we might add.

Perhaps the clearest photos we’ve seen of the Scrambler yet (though, we did enjoy the emissions testing photos of the Scambler a few weeks ago), we can see how Ducati plans on reviving this motorcycle from the 1960’s.

Designed to be a modern take on a classic machine, Ducati has been marketing the Scrambler with a sort of “Hipsters spending a day on the California boardwalk” motif.

Setting up cabanas on imported sand, with surfboards and colorful drinks, at Borgo Panigale for the employee unveiling, the Bologna brand’s approach to hyping the Scrambler can certainly be categorized as different and unique from typical Ducati marketing pushes.

That is to be expected of course, as Ducati is hoping to bring in new blood to the Italian brand, which was once known for its sport bike and racing orientation. Those sentiments still linger of course, despite Ducati’s woes (or absence) in just about every racing series worth mentioning. But, the Scrambler is yet another push by Ducati into becoming a more “mainstream” brand.

With the final lines of the Scrambler now forming, it’s hard to tell if Ducati has a winner here or not– it is certainly always a crapshoot when judging pre-production machines. We’re curious to hear your thoughts though. Leave them in the comments.

Source: Motociclismo

  • Doug

    Make room next to your Minis Hipsters….it’s almost here!

  • PeterBCN



  • Tifo

    It’s a no from me. I generally like the creations from Bologna but that looks way to similar to an HD Sportster. From that photo at least. Perhaps seeing the whole package will convince me otherwise. Their hipster bullshit image building though most certainly will not. Does it come with saddlebags for a case of Pabst and typewriter rack? ;)

  • Those sentiments still linger of course, despite Ducati’s woes (or absence) in just about every racing series worth mentioning.

    Seriously? Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to WSTK and WSBK. While the Panigale had teething issues upon release, it’s been representing very nicely in SuperStock 1000 and both the WSBK factory and EVO classes. Ducati’s woes in MotoGP notwithstanding, the marque’s relevance in racing is most definitely not written in the past tense.

  • alessandro

    just too plain, not enough “scrambler” motifs or styling cues… not desirable. just looks cobbled together. I only write short sentences.

  • Coreyvwc

    @tifo it doesn’t look like a Sportster, it looks like a motorcycle. No frills, just a motorcycle.
    Consequently, that is also how one would describe a sportster.

    There are people in the world who want “just a motorcycle”, and this fits that bill.
    Not always, but sometimes, less is more…

  • john

    PBR and a type writter. Classic

  • Faust

    Ducati is absent or sucking in every racing series? Podiums this year in GP, they are in first place in SSTK and making podiums in SBK….. Do you even watch racing bro? Mercado has a 14 point championship lead in SSTK and Ducs are 3 out of the top 4. This is only the second year for the 1199 in SBK. People have selective memory about other major redesigns and new bikes. How long did it take the S1000RR to win?

  • When “first place in SSTK” is your best argument, you kind of prove my point.

  • buellracerx

    Quote: “it is certainly always a crapshoot when judging pre-production machines.”

    translation: “seriously Ducati??? Even your biggest fan is grasping for good things to say about this red-headed stepchild”

  • I’m going to light my Streetfighter on fire in protest later tonight…

  • …but yeah, I think it’s hideous.

  • Red

    Yeah, my 848 evo too

  • Faust

    Jensen please stop being absurd. Doing well in SSTK is garbage? No, it shows the bike is competitive in closer to stock form. Look at the bikes in context. BMW started racing their bike in SBK 09. No podiums. 2010, two 3rd places. 2011, 3rd places. 2012 they finally started winning. I don’t hear hatred being spit at the S1K for being a terrible bike though. Yet even though the Ducati is progressing at the same rate (3 podiums in their second year in SBK), they are somehow absent from racing. The bike is in it’s second year in the top class, so chill out. As for their GP effort, they have made clear strides this year. They could have quit like Aprilia did in the past, or Suzuki did, or Kawasaki did. Or the mighty Yamaha bailing on their flagship R1 because it wasn’t doing well in SBK.

    It seems like Ducati is held to a different standard than everyone else. Kawi’s GP bike was not very good so they pulled out. No issues with that apparently. Suzuki did the same and has been pretty bad about supporting their race teams, yet no issue there. Ducati having issues competing with big spenders though? They are “absent”? No, they are still in the fight after plenty of others have packed up shop. Instead, they are trying to make it work while still bringing great new bikes to market. Is it surprising they have issues competing with Honda and Yamaha? Nope, because I can’t buy a Ducati generator, keyboard, lawnmower, harmonica, microphone, atv, watercraft, etc etc etc. They just make bikes. How can a motorcycle enthusiast not like what they are trying to do?

  • Frankenweenie

    really really sad….

    some SERIOUS potential with the name and history. Was truly looking forward to this. Instead, it seems to be a parts bin modified marketing attempt.

    No spokes. Twin cylinder. Under slung exorst. Not a prayer of even the simplest off road duty…

    Like calling something with a hatchback, 3″ of ground clearance, and front wheel drive a “Hummer”

  • Hagar the Horrible

    Will you Ducati fan boys go take a cold shower fer crissakes!

    have a look at the picture of this ridiculous little “scrambler” and quit dwelling on ducat’s awesome success in sstk, asap, gfy or whatever the hell the series was…

  • John D’Orazio

    The real issue here is: what will it cost? If this bike can come be retailed in the 8K range, I think Ducati has a winner on its hands. If not, there are just too many great, inexpensive choices for this bike’s demo.

  • @ Jensen. please not the streetfighter!

  • @ Faust ” go Faust “

  • Brizzy

    The hipster generation is going to flock to this thing… San Fran and Portland will sell out of em :D

    @Coreyvwc, “it doesn’t look like a Sportster, it looks like a motorcycle. No frills, just a motorcycle. Consequently, that is also how one would describe a sportster. There are people in the world who want “just a motorcycle”, and this fits that bill.”..

    Does this comment make sense to anyone? He says it doesn’t look like a Sportster, it looks like a motorcycle, he then says thats how people describe the Sportster… so, your saying it looks like a Sportster then? Right? He then says “frills” make a motorcycle not a motorcycle anymore. Pretty sure anything with two wheels and a seat is a motorcycle. Seriously WTF. I’m going to bed.

  • paulus

    I agree with some of the above. HD ‘XR1200’ or ‘Sporster’-“lite-version”… but it is OK.
    Lack of spoked wheels are a bit of a let down, but there are alternatives out there.
    Good luck Ducati… if it sells well, it should kill the kudos of authentic hipster bikes by virtue of making them mainstream.

  • Paul Cypert

    So anyone who doesn’t want to ride around on something resembling Michael Bay’s wet dream is a hipster? Pretty sure there are thousands and thousands of people who have enjoyed simple, low frills bikes for decades that don’t fit that bill.

    Italians have been associated with comfortable cruising along the beaches since motorcycles are around. Saying it’s a sudden hipster marketing push is a lame attempt to cash in on the current hipster bashing trend. Lazy reporting.

    Having said all that the bike really dissapoints from what I was hoping to see. Love urban scramblers as a style but there’s something too feminine about it. I’ll wait till full reveal, but someone manages to miss everything I enjoy in a Scrambler.

  • Lincoln

    I’m actually quite eager to see what it’s going to look like once announced, rather than jumping to a conclusion before getting a good look at it. From what I can tell though, while not being an exact replica of the bike from decades ago in the details, I think it certainly is in philosophy. Simple, light, cheap. And a parts bin bike is a good way to achieve that quickly and efficiently. Don’t get me wrong though, a desmo single with spoked wheels and wire heat shields along the header pipe would have been awesome.

  • paulus

    “So anyone who doesn’t want to ride around on something resembling Michael Bay’s wet dream is a hipster?”

    No… they could be a ‘Wannabe’ Hipster

    Scrambler is the term for what evolved into off-road, MX and Enduro… longer suspension and off-road intentions… this is not fitting that definition. It is more of a standard/UJM/Classic… something Wannabe Hipsters might buy LOL

    Just joshing… any motorcyclist is a brother!

  • Starmag

    I’m scared by what is not shown. I’m sure it’ll have the usual “wasp’s butt” rear end treatment that all new bikes seemingly must have, and it’s been shown with a shorty low exhaust. It should have been styled more like this:

  • Terry

    Looks very poor.
    Aimed at the hipster market I’m sure, will spend most of its time parked outside trendy cafes or doing 10mph posing. Driven by wannabe bikers.
    Hate lifestyle brands and Ducati are turning into that and nothing else.

  • RD350

    The bigger hurdle for Ducati is trying to sell nostalgia with a retro version of a scrambler from the late 60’s/early 70’s that very few (if any) young hipsters have ever even seen in a book, let alone in person.

    Really, how many buyers today are aware of the 450R/T single? How many today would care for it’s odd styling?

    As I have said here many times, I think its the Japanese who should be cashing in on the Scrambler/Enduro craze. A modernized 1970’s retro DT400 Yamaha or XL350 Honda using an 600/650 4-stroke single sounds much more marketable to me.

    Still, I wish Ducati luck with this project as I love retro bikes and scramblers. I cant wait to see the final product. If it is somewhat light weight and has good suspension I would be very interested.

  • RD350
  • Jw

    This thing better not be over 8k, considering what’s out there in this price point.

  • L2C

    @ Jw

    It looks like it’s been photoshopped.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    Everyone around here keeps throwing around the word ‘hipster’. I don’t think that word means what you think it does. It’s not a catch-all for things you don’t like. By the definition of people around here anything even slightly retro is hipster. So do all our motorcycle need to look like the insects the Japanese have been turning out the last decade? How about *GASP* we wait until we see the final product!

  • L2C

    I’ve already voiced my dissatisfaction to the word “hipster” being thrown around willy-nilly around here. It’s like a bunch of fake white dudes with beards, who fancy themselves lumberjacks and denim connoisseurs, and who also happen to drink Kentucky bourbon and ride café racers have spoiled motorcycling for everybody else. You got white dudes faking the white-dude funk and it’s supposed to matter to motorcycling?!?

    If it’s about motorcycling first, who gives a sh-t about the trendy fashion choices its riders make! People have always bought and sold based on their station and position in time and space. And harping on about it endlessly is not going to change anything. Indeed the many readers of this blog are no different on this point than the hipsters they so despise.

    The amount of words and space given to hipsterism on this blog – that is supposedly anti-hipsterism – is unbelievable.

  • Yep. Gotta agree with the the likes of Viceroy and L2C on the hipster nonsense. It smacks of the religious freedom folks who whine about people actually practicing religions other than [insert preferred religion here]. Rather than worrying about other people’s reasons for riding, worry about your own. And rather than worrying about how other people perceive your reasons, don’t give two shits about it.

    As a very good friend would say, “Just shut up and ride.”

  • Silas

    I take it Jensen will be more careful with the word hipster since it hits a nerve? Haha-whoa. I get sick of it too. Love A&R though

  • Silas

    Hipster= connotated as a new biker , newbie. Not a bad thing

  • Hipster= connotated as a new biker , newbie. Not a bad thing

    A hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions. (That’s the dictionary talking, not me.) In the context here, it is associated with Starbucks-drinking posers in tight jeans who ride for a fashion statement. My take is that anybody’s reason for riding is valid. I don’t care why anybody else may or may not choose to ride.

  • paulus

    My retort to the above: as previously shown on A+R (to my great delight)
    Watch it and try not to laugh (or cry)

  • jackie

    Might not be the pretties thing, but it’s got an air-cooled desmo engine in it, so it wont be all bad either.
    I was worried we’d lose the sound of those engines since the Monsters went water cooled. Heck, if they brought the dry clutch back, I’d buy one just to hear the the box of bolts rattle at a stoplight.

    Now, if they’d only make a 900ss again. That kind of retro I can get behind, or on top of, or whatever.

  • mudgun

    I wanted to be a hipster once. Apparently I didn’t know the terms correct meaning and now here I am on the wrong road again. I don’t really give a shit though, there’s another corner up ahead and I can smell the flora of the Nantahala National Forest in full bloom.

  • Hipsters are like good pornography: hard to describe, but I know it when I see it.

    Remember, A&R is based in Oakland, California…we’re knee-deep in ironic mustaches over here.

  • irksome

    RE: hipsters; soon they’ll move on to the next thing leaving behind piles of fedoras, ukuleles and single-edge razors.

    It’s hard to take griping about hipsters on any kind of bike seriously when I’m watching repli-racers in full leathers who’ve never seen a track and weekend wanna-be pirates who’ve never changed their own plugs. Please explain to me the difference. Some of them will grow up, lose the attitude and keep riding and I’ll keep waving at them in the on-coming lane or pull over to offer a hand on the side of the road.

    I do, however, love the Michael Bay/Transformers reference. What does it make me if I prefer my bike to have a more rounded aesthetic? Oh yeah, old.

  • mike

    “Good” pornography? JC, JB, are you 14 years old?

  • ML

    Fuggit! Imma buy one as soon as I can fit into skinny jeans.

  • Mike, it’s a riff and paraphrase from former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, Jacobellis v. Ohio 378 U.S. 184 (1964), concurring opinion.

  • mike

    Ah! That’s what an education does for you.

  • sean

    The problem with motorcycling as a fashion statement, is that it contributes to people getting on bikes who are not properly prepared for it. Naive people expect items that are legal to sell, to be noob-friendly. The folks pushing motorcycles as “lifestyle accessories” are contributing to this, and it’s getting people killed.

    (Just heard about a neighbor’s sister who bought her first motorcycle at 50 years of age, two weeks ago. Went off the road last weekend; her funeral is this weekend. Leaves behind two children, ages 16 and 19.)