The Clearest Ducati Scrambler Photo Yet

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We’re not too far away from seeing the Ducati Scrambler officially, but the good folk over at Motociclismo have managed to get their hands on a photo of Bologna’s newest model, looking almost ready for production we might add.

Perhaps the clearest photos we’ve seen of the Scrambler yet (though, we did enjoy the emissions testing photos of the Scambler a few weeks ago), we can see how Ducati plans on reviving this motorcycle from the 1960’s.

Designed to be a modern take on a classic machine, Ducati has been marketing the Scrambler with a sort of “Hipsters spending a day on the California boardwalk” motif.

Setting up cabanas on imported sand, with surfboards and colorful drinks, at Borgo Panigale for the employee unveiling, the Bologna brand’s approach to hyping the Scrambler can certainly be categorized as different and unique from typical Ducati marketing pushes.

That is to be expected of course, as Ducati is hoping to bring in new blood to the Italian brand, which was once known for its sport bike and racing orientation. Those sentiments still linger of course, despite Ducati’s woes (or absence) in just about every racing series worth mentioning. But, the Scrambler is yet another push by Ducati into becoming a more “mainstream” brand.

With the final lines of the Scrambler now forming, it’s hard to tell if Ducati has a winner here or not– it is certainly always a crapshoot when judging pre-production machines. We’re curious to hear your thoughts though. Leave them in the comments.

Source: Motociclismo