Ducati Multistrada 1200 Toubkal by Affetto Ducati

02/14/2014 @ 4:30 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


Today is Valentines Day, and if you haven’t found that special someone to love and pamper tonight, don’t worry A&R has a date all lined-up for you. A sexy redhead, the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Toubkal by Holland’s Affetto Ducati is perhaps one of the cleanest MTS1200 build we have seen in a long while.

Tastefully done with metallic red, black, and silver paint, the Toubkal looks like something that could have come from Borgo Panigale, had the Italians dared to build a bike with such flash.

Equipped to go where the sidewalk ends (Toubkal is the highest mountain peak in the Atlas Mountains of Southwest Morocco), the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Toubkal features tubeless spoked wheels, proper panniers, and heavy duty crash protection.

Affetto Ducati gets bonus points for the subtle meshing over the vents, stunning paint job, and carbon fiber windscreen, which add a bit of “show” to the Multi’s already stout “go” — we might be rethinking our V-Day plans after seeing this, how about you?





Source: Affetto Ducati; Photos: © 2014 Mark Kamphuis / MKFOTOGRAFIE — All Rights Reserved

  • crshnbrn

    No need to rethink V-day plans. It’s not like it’s a monoposto. It has panniers. She can come along too!

  • Jake

    It ain’t going up any mountain with those tires and wheels. I suppose you’ll be happy you spent wads of cash on offroad crash bars.

  • Dear Jens Beeler,
    Super to see that the Multistrada Toubkal made it on A&R, but can you please add my creditline to the photos? This is a standard requirement for publication. Creditline: photos (c) Mark Kamphuis | http://www.mkfotografie.nl 2014
    Thanks! Markk

  • Sorry about that Mark! Should be fixed now.

  • damn

    Damn UGLY

  • I’d like to see more Ducati looking bits…as it is, kinda too BMW-y. Italians would/should put a little more sexy in the parts even at the expense of function…this looks too butch and so too German. What this does show is that an adventure bike from Bologna could work. – – – just kill the beak on the next rev.

  • Jerry

    Love the wheels!!

  • crshnbrn

    I am curious how much lateral stress a wheel laced like the rear one can endure.

  • JW

    Any info on the wheels, I’d love to spoked wheels on my Multi! Nicely done BTW.

  • paulus

    More flash than actual adding off-road function.

    Adding meshed vents to the belt covers is pointless… why would you want to fill the cam belt and gears with dirt and dust? Especially with it being directly behind the front wheel.

    A nice rad guard would have been a better use.

  • Conrice

    I want those rims! It’d be awesome to be able to actually run tubeless tires on spoked rims

  • Jim Morrison

    It’s not a Ducati, it’s a BMW! And(yes I know about starting sentences with And) for an offroader allweather adventurer the screen is a joke. Up that mountain No, urban fantasy Yes.

    Horses for courses please.

  • DMC

    BTW rides have been enjoying those tableless tires on spooked rims for years now. Look at the GS model.

  • Jerry

    I would take this anywhere you would take a 1200GS!!!

  • paveltbonev

    Yea, looks like BMW now…