Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition Breaks Cover

09/05/2011 @ 10:35 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Mercedes-Benz and Ducati continue to circle each other, as the two iconic brands hammer out the details of how an Italian motorcycle company would fit inside a German automobile manufacturer. While the bean-counters and pencil-pushers get that shotgun marriage’s pre-nup arranged, we get to see interesting co-branding “partnerships” like this: the Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition. While we’ve seen plenty of AMG-tuned cars in Ducati adverts, events, and press materials, this is the first time the sacred three-letter name has graced the haul of one of Bologna’s steads.

Based on the Ducati Diavel Carbon, the Diavel AMG Special Edition features AMG’s signature 5-spoke wheel set (replacing the wheels a certain Roland Sands designed). Other highlights include carbon fiber radiator grills, an AMG-styled exhaust system (very nice, very nice indeed), and a ribbed Alcantara seat. A special edition run from Ducati would of course not be complete without a numbering plaque (no word yet on how high that number will count though), which will be affixed to the gas tank.

The Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition comes only in matte black carbon fiber bodywork, and has AMG’s “Diamond White Bright” paint striping on the fuel tank, and color-matching frame accents. The special edition wheels, seat, and exhaust end-caps are all AMG branded (natch), while “AMG” is also laser-engraved into the air-duct panels that are on either side of the fuel tank. Expect to see a special AMG branded leather jacket and helmet also become available. Orders will be taken at the bike’s first public showing at the Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Source: Ducati

  • Johndo

    I could see that parked in my garage. Sweet.

  • irksome

    The Germany/Italy alliance has worked so well in the past…

    And I still say it looks like a water buffalo dry-humping a warthog.

  • BikePilot

    The white frame is nice. IMO the cage-connection dilutes the allure of the Ducati brand and motorcycle experience. If they are doing this, they should go all-out and carry on the AMG tradition of forced-induction… =p

  • Andrey

    As an AMG and Ducati owner I have to say that this just appears to be a dress up. AMG means PERFORMANCE. If the Diavel is nothing more than a stickered tart up, then this is a bit of a joke. AMG is all about taking a stock vehicle and turning it into something more. The least they should do is add a bunch of stuff from the Ducati Performance catalog for engine parts and maybe a couple of exclusive extras (other than cosmetic stuff of course) in order to maintain some sense of what AMG means.
    This looks like a troubling signal that the bean counters and marketers are in control…… never a good thing. If this trend continues we can expect to see more dilution of the brand.

  • Antti

    That’s hot!

  • John Magnum

    Well said @Andrey, if that motor hasnt had the mods whats the point, save your coin and stick on a few AMG stickers from Ebay. AMG is supposed to = Steriod / ADHD / crystal meth / Chuck Norris

    sad move……..

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  • luke

    Andrey and John have encapsulated my thoughts exactly :)

  • Johndo

    It’s already a beast what more do you want? a 500HP motorcycle? :P

  • MikeD

    Yeah, i would hit that…AMG badged or not…im a sucker for 5Spokes wheels (the standard wheels look like POOP)…:P

    That FUGLY double decker brushed metal SubWaySandwich Muffler gotta go tho…

    Naaah, why do i kid myself, i still can’t swallow the looks of this Beast after all this time…this sure is an improvement…but still…too bulky/stubby up front…would rather take an obese-thirsty-overpowered VMAX over this.

  • tom s

    Please please keep the Germans away from our beloved Ducat’s! I don’t think any Ducati purist wants to see this happen. Go team up with Lamborghini maybe, who knows but keep it Italian. My two cents.

  • Jay

    Tom, FYI….Lamborghini is owned by Audi! Keep Ducati Italian with an auto maker such as Ferrari!!!

  • FLABueller

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. There is nothing Ducati or AMG could do to polish that turd. /BLEH