Ducati Desmolight 450 Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

06/04/2010 @ 3:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t publish any more Ducati singles by Oberdan Bezzi, after the Italian designer set out with his pen and paper to imagine the Italian brand with a bevy of off-road inspired motorcycles; however Bezzi’s Ducati Desmolight 450 concept was just too great of a design to ignore, and thus here we are. With styling drawn from the current Monster line, Obiboi’s 450cc single looks delicious, especially with the coloring that’s reminiscent of Ducati’s Corse theme. This is the kind of bike that would go in our fantasy garage, and we’ll need a Prozac knowing it won’t be built.

At 450cc’s, the Ducati Desmolight 450 would make the perfect beginner’s bike, but could just as easily find it’s way into the hands of an experienced rider who’s looking for a feather-weight corner-carver. We love the look of the bike. We love the thought of a road-going thumper. We love the thought of Ducati adding this bike to their line-up? Eh, Bologna?

Maybe if we generate enough interest here at Asphalt & Rubber about the Desmolight concept we cane convince someone at Ducati corporate to agree with us on building the bike (we can dream right?).

Source: Oberdan Bezzi

  • BikePilot

    That does look quite nice. Is there anything special about the 450cc displacement spec? Seems like a ~600cc bike using a top end from a 1198 would a bit more versatile. I think this actually wouldn’t be terribly expensive for ducati to do. The cylinder, piston and top end could all be lifted straight off the 848 (that’d require a slight bore change to get 450cc of course, but there’s plenty of room there) or the 1198. The little monster chassis is probably about right without much in the way of changes and that leaves “only” the bottom end/gearbox to manufacture. Even there gearbox internals could probably be sourced from another existing bike leaving just the crank and casings that would absolutely have to be model specific.

    Oh, and the forks have a bit too much rake in the picture I think.

  • I’d agree with BikePilot that a 600cc displacement would be more versatile, but from a “fun factor” point-of-view, a 450 can be an absolute blast.

    Think of all SuMo’ed DRZ400’s and all the great fun they are in the twisties! Sure, 400/450cc’s gets kind of “rung-out” on the Stupor Slab, but hey, who needs freeways!

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  • rgvyan

    Agreed, this is a cool little concept, but it is getting a little repetitive. Quality, not quantity Oberdan!

  • and anyway this bike is heavily based on the ktm 125 concept bikes and will probably be produced in 450 as well. just in orange – not red.

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  • Gorgeous, I’d buy one.

  • Trapezoid

    Gorgeous bike, and I’d love to own one. But isn’t this just a KTM Duke with tasteful bodywork?

  • Ben10281

    Looks cool, but much of it is almost identical to the KTM concept and frankly with the exception of the SSS I like the edgier styling of the KTM. Either way I love the look.