Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa

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The Ducati 1199 Panigale is a formidable machine on the track, something I witnessed first-hand with the at the international press launch for the Ducati 1199 Panigale R at the Circuit of the Americas.

Between the Panigale’s frameless chassis design, high-revving Superquadro motor, and bevy of electronics, Ducati has refined its superbike offering to consumers, and really honed in on making the best street bike possible.

But what if your calling takes you off of the asphalt? Enter the Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa — yes, the same crazy bastards that made the SeDUCATIve and MANigale calendar photo shoots.

The story goes something like this: MotoCorsa Bossman Arun Sharma and Ducati North America’s Quentin Wilson were prepping for their annual trip to Eastern Oregon. Instead of getting a couple ADV bikes, like a couple of sissies, the idea to do something with Sharma’s Panigale recently crashed track bike came up.

We can only imagine that alcohol must have been involved, as the product of the duo’s craziness was a 200hp dual-sport, complete with camouflage paint and luggage racks. What could go wrong? Thanks for the tip TheSwede!






Source: MotoCorsa