Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa

10/02/2013 @ 3:12 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


The Ducati 1199 Panigale is a formidable machine on the track, something I witnessed first-hand with the at the international press launch for the Ducati 1199 Panigale R at the Circuit of the Americas.

Between the Panigale’s frameless chassis design, high-revving Superquadro motor, and bevy of electronics, Ducati has refined its superbike offering to consumers, and really honed in on making the best street bike possible.

But what if your calling takes you off of the asphalt? Enter the Ducati 1199 Terracorsa by MotoCorsa — yes, the same crazy bastards that made the SeDUCATIve and MANigale calendar photo shoots.

The story goes something like this: MotoCorsa Bossman Arun Sharma and Ducati North America’s Quentin Wilson were prepping for their annual trip to Eastern Oregon. Instead of getting a couple ADV bikes, like a couple of sissies, the idea to do something with Sharma’s Panigale recently crashed track bike came up.

We can only imagine that alcohol must have been involved, as the product of the duo’s craziness was a 200hp dual-sport, complete with camouflage paint and luggage racks. What could go wrong? Thanks for the tip TheSwede!






Source: MotoCorsa

  • Motoputs

    The picture of the mud encrusted rear end sells the story. Very cool project. Probably a hand full of road with its quick steering. if you have the time and money.. why not.

  • TheSwede

    No credit for my tip on this a few days ago? :(

    This is my kind of insanity though. Sounds like something me and my buddies would think up, glad to see they put it through the wringer!

  • Faster1

    Darn shame that it would get dusted by every thumper that came along. The geometry and suspension would make it awkward handling as hell. Still, the cool factor is off the charts.

  • Boom! There you go Swedey!

  • David Freire

    That is the most awesome things ever.

  • TheSwede

    Woo! Lol, love the site Jensen, glad I could contribute

  • TexusTim

    ok how do you reach the bars over the top of the bag ? and how do you do that trying to wrestle it around the trees in the mud?…is this practical ? or is it not pratical and thats the point make a very expensive impratical bike ? and thats the new “cool”? I dont think steve mcqueen would ride it. I know you wont see it at rossi’s ranch bawawawawaw aha

  • Sean in OZ

    Must be a VERY slow news day.

    I/we ride on far worse sand/mud/gravel/rocky tracks than that on stock sportsbikes with sports road tyres.

    People have travelled around the world solo through jungles, deserts etc on stock sportsbikes … without knobby tyres.

  • Dave in Denver

    Well…I can think of a few things that might go wrong when jumping a fallen tree, crossing a stream, or navigating baby heads…hmmmm. Looks more like some Ducati Dessert Police bikes I saw in Saudi Arabia.

  • ZootCadillac

    What a lovely thing. Probably totally impractical but I’d have one of those sat in the garage next to the new 1199 Superleggera. Oops, I’ve said too much ;)

  • paulus – Thailand

    Pure PR hype… but if this convinces a few more motorcyclist to be more brave and take their road bikes off-road – cool.

    As others have said. Road bikes are already more capable than you expect and many a person has navigated the globe (on and off road) on pure sports bikes with no knobblies.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Portland PRIDE WHUT WHUT! I get all my gear from Arun and the guys! They’re just awesome people to chat bikes with.

  • smiler

    Ducati engineers spent many months building the best sportbike they could. A new engine developing 195 BHP, with under slung exhausts and a very compact design to lower the centre of gravity and pull most of the mess to the centre. Oversized and high comp pistons with short stroke to increase revs. A release valve to allow a smaller starter motor. Aluminium frameless chassis to save weight. Electronics package allowing electrically modifided suspension and several ABS settings. New air intakes and LED lights. The result is the most powerful and lightest sportsbike Ducati has ever made. Winds best new bike 2012.

    Sold to an idiot who wants to use it as an enduro bike, because he is an idiot. What an utter prat.

  • Minibull

    @smiler: MotoCorsa spent many months building the craziest offroad bike they could. Nice knobblies, luggage space, practical tankbag and a fitting paintjob to match. The result is probably one of the most insane/fun offroad bikes around that would be a hoot to ride. Wins a smile from most who saw the article in 2013.

    Commented on by an idiot who is really really jealous and has not the slimmest morsel of fun in his life, because he is an idiot. What an utter prat.

  • Damn it Craig, you’re going to make me pick-up a phone and call some people now, huh?

  • ZootCadiilac

    @Jensen. haha, please don’t. you might get me in trouble. Embargo and all that ;) I’ll send you something soon.

  • @smiler – did you read the part about this bike originally being a crashed track bike? Or the part about a road trip to eastern OR?

    they took an unfortunate incident on the track & expanded their world. The rear luggage rack alone is marketable

  • Gritboy

    My kind of “sport bike”!

  • Looks cool, and if you lived in a place with a lot of big open smooth gravel roads, you could probably have some fun on it, until you hit a serious bump that is, and the triple tree comes up and knocks your brains out.