The upcoming Ducati 1199 Superleggera continues to leak onto the internet in photo form, though this time we’re getting a little help from Ducati Chile, with the distributor listing some key figures along with its images: 205+ hp in racing trim & 166 kg at the curb. Confirming what we saw in a previous photo, the Superleggera will come decked out in a very “Desmosedici” red and white Ducati Corse livery.

In addition to these studio-quality photos, we also dug up what looks to be the SuperLeggera’s weight reductions (after the jump), listed by part and in comparison to the Ducati 1199 Panigale R. In total, the figures show the Supperleggera tipping the scales at 342 lbs dry, roughly 22 lbs less than the Panigale R.

Depending on whether Ducati Chile’s 166 kg curb weight figure is with or without fuel, the Superleggera could be a far cry from the 40 lbs we heard earlier this month (not to mention a lower horsepower figure than we were told). Still, Ducati’s new dream machine lives up its name, and is super light when compared to its homologation-ready cousin. More photos are waiting for you after the jump.

Weight Reductions by Part:

  • Carbon Fiber Fairings and Assorted Pieces: -1.0kg / -2.2 lbs
  • Magnesium Alloy Monocoque Frame: -1.0kg / -2.2 lbs
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Subframe: -1.2 kg / -2.7 lbs
  • Titanium Exhaust System: -2.5kg / -5.5 lbs
  • Forged and Machined Magnesium Wheels: -1.0kg  / -2.2lbs
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: -2.0 kg / -4.4lbs
  • Custom Front Fork and Rear Shock: 1.4 Kg / -3.1 lbs
  • Superbike Pistons: -194 g / -.4 lbs
  • Tungsten-Balanced Crankshaft: -396 g / -.9 lbs
  • WSBK Chain and Rear Sprocket, and Various Carbon Fiber Parts, Fasteners, and Machined-from-Billet Components: -1.3 kg / -2.9 lbs






Source: Ducati Chile (Facebook)

  • JD


  • Tim M

    @JD-LOL! Yeah, it’s the repulsion/compulsion thing. That could definitely enable some inappropriate behavior. Maybe I DO need some man cave decor.

  • Norm G.

    clear fairings please, I need to show the world my GOLDEN FRONT BONE…! (crazy dutch accent) wait, what…?

  • “I need to show the world my GOLDEN FRONT BONE…!”

    ROTFL – Man, that is just soooo wrong.

    I don’t think I’d ever buy one, but I think the Panigale (both the big and the baby) are collectively the most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen.

    ‘Cept the Japanese release, with its hang-out-the-back stick-on exhaust. Thatsa ruin a good thing.

  • ZootCadillac

    Personally I think it is a thing of absolute beauty. Sure, it’s a Panigale when all said and done and the colour scheme is 2006 factory colours but there is very little wrong with that in my book and I think it will compliment this http://bit.ly/18GBN5a in the garage very nicely.

    I hear that Bologna is a little disappointed ( read : furious ) about the amount of information that has become public ( mostly from America ) as it kind of puts a dampener on the official launch at Eicma. Personally I think it’s naive to expect that a model of this importance would not be widely discussed. But hey ho.

    So here’s how it has gone down. Certain Ducati owners and VIP-listed potential customers got letters direct from Bologna informing them of the model and the opportunity to purchase. At the same time the dealer network were advised and they also contacted potential customers or informed Italy of the same.
    These people then registered their interest via the dealer and italy received the details of all registered parties. Won’t go into detail but i know that this was well over-subscribed within days.

    Biologna will then be informing those invited to purchase a bike ( that process was delayed ) that their interest has been successful. The first tranche of invites going exclusively to D16RR owners who submitted an interest form.
    Once those are out of the way and deposits confirmed, the rest of the interested parties will be sorted and hand picked to receive an invite to purchase. It won’t be a lottery, people will be ‘vetted’ for suitability as Ducati want the owners to be a kind of ambassador for the brand.

    I’m not sure but I think that actual numbered bikes will be allocated once deposits are taken. Deposits will be expected in very short order and are 20% of retail purchase price ( a figure that’s still supposed to be in the bag so I won’t discuss it here ).

    Bikes will be made to order but don’t expect any to be still sat on the drawing board awaiting a buyer. As of yet no rolling bike exists with the one in the recent leaked picture being a display mock up.

    Bike will be launched officially at EICMA. I won’t be going but I have immediate family there with the company and I’ll be asking her to take a set of pictures for me. ( access will be both during and after public access hours ). If you don’t have anyone there Jensen I’ll send you a pack of pics.

    I will see the bike in person a little later at the MCN Motorcycle Live event at the NEC UK ( biggest bike show in the UK and probably second only to the Milan show in Europe ) as Ducati are having an after-hours VIP party to display the bike, much the same as they did a couple of years back with the Panigale.

    I’m told that it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to sit on the bike but they said that about the Tricolore too and look how that turned out ;) http://bit.ly/1gu8w50

    So I’ll also get you a full set from that, if you would like them, Jensen.

    Kerb weight. My understanding is that the 166kg figure is wet, no fuel. That’s 1kg off the WSBK entry. Given the amount of extra weight needed to make the bike road capable, I think that’s pretty impressive. Yes, it’s not the numbers previously spoken of but I think I said in a previous post that some of the details being bandied around were unsubstantiated rumour. The 40lbs number was one such rumour and I think I know where it came from.

    Seen a lot of discussion about the colours and I simply don’t comprehend it. Was discussing it with a dealer the other day. If you plan to ride this bike, and we were both of the same mind that it must be ridden, although I think he just wants it to turn up often at his showroom at weekends ;), then you will be taking off the carbon and putting on race plastics for track or maybe some after market carbon for the road. Then you can have it any colour you like. Even if you want to keep it bone-stock original but don’t like the paint job? Wrap it. It’s done all the time, is inexpensive and more importantly, it’s reversible.

    right, that’s enough for now. 4am here in Blighty. Good job I have the Moto2 race close to going off at Philip Island.

  • ZootCadillac

    I do hope that my comment ( rather long and containing a couple of links so has gone into the mod bin ) comes out of moderation. I put a little effort into it ;)
    last and only time I had a comment go into moderation for similar reasons, it never made publication :(

  • meatspin

    every year, or couple of years, a manufacturer always seems to put out an “it” bike. This is the one.

  • Anvil

    Very, very nice. But not for $65K.

  • Zoot, all those links angered the spam filter gods.

  • ZootCadillac

    yes Jensen. Aware that was going to happen but felt it necessary to include them. Thanks for sorting it out. makes me feel a little better after the worst #motogp race experience ( outside of the obvious dark times ) I can recall in the modern era.

  • Hans Dreuger

    12.500 deposit down… got confirmation of the delivery. (300 have been sold up to last monday, when I placed the order)