Ducati 1199 Panigale Leaks Ahead of EICMA

11/07/2011 @ 4:44 am, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS

Asphalt & Rubber is in Milan right now, and in a few hours we’ll headed over for the official launch of the 2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale. However, we might as well stay in the hotel and do grappa shots until our eyes bleed, as the sport bike of 2012 has already unsurprisingly leaked ahead of its official debut.┬áNot only do we get our first glimpse of the new flagship Ducati, but it looks like the Ducati 1199 Panigale will have optional anti-locking brakes (ABS) and Ducati Electronic Suspension (DES).

While it was only a matter of time before Ducati put ABS on its Superbike line, the electronic suspension package on the Panigale (note the wires going into the top of the fork tubes), which originally made its Ducati debut on the Multistrada 1200, is the first time the technology has made its way onto a sport bike. Expect full-details and photos in a couple hours, until then salivate after the jump.

Source: Ducati.org

  • AK

    wow… awesome bike with weird looking mirrors… look like they are functional this time :)

  • looking at this pic reminded me the first time I saw the 1098, I was really impressed (it was love at first site) but I can’t say the same thing on the 1199

  • 2ndclass

    What makes you so sure it’s got ABS? Those wheel speed rings would be used for the traction control (Not saying it doesn’t, there’s just not anything there saying that it does).

  • Rexr

    @ 2ndclass
    U can just make out the abs ring through the wheel………but to honest it’s not much of a looker, like the easy to get to rear shock and I like the rear light.

  • MotoMojo

    I can’t weight to see its real whp at the dyno… Its hard to believe that ducati can pull that much power from a stock bike, 195 crank hp should be in the neighborhood of 175-180 whp…

    AK…. I agree, those mirrors are fuggly, probably the ugliest I ever seen on sportbike.

    I am very curious about the geometry of the rear shock and its effect on the overall geometry of the bike… I think ducati went out of its skin with guts by introducing a lot of new ideas , it looks like it’ll be either HIT or MISS , I hope it HITS this time.

  • i really like the agressive front and rear lights, but there are many things not very clean IMO…the exhaust loop, the position of the rear shock, the hole in the fairing on the left side, the fuel tank is not ‘attached’ to the fairing, etc etc

    all in all not a bad looking bike, but a long way away from an instant classic…the design is just not pure enough, more so, it is actually very cluttered.

    surely a fantastic riding bike, and a powerhouse, but the design is deffo not there.

  • fazer6

    Cluttered is a good descriptor–Too much design by engineers, nothing flows, there’s no overall ‘fit’.

  • Other Sean

    I agree with frod and wreckah.

    I own an 848, and remember falling in LOVE with the 1098 the minute I saw it. This, I’m not in love with. There are very cool elements, but on the whole it’s a bit of a mish mash.

    Kind of a relief, for my finances! I’ll happily hang on to my 848 without being jealous of the new model. She’s fast enough for me anyway.

  • RJ

    Ducati have done it again. It’s hard to be a true-blooded sportbike fan and not be attracted to their machines. Still, I want to see how their new chassis concept fairs in competition first before I make a final judgement call…

    I’m really digging the looks though…

  • Craig

    You know… it’s hard to tell everything, but I kind of like when bikes step out of the norm and drive a little function over design. I think just years and years of new plastics on the same kind of suspension, frame, etc does nothing for the future. That said, I also don’t want a great handling bike that is super ugly either. If the functions works on this bike, the years ahead will be making it look better IMHO.

    As a naked bike fan, I am glad to see things exposed… just saying. Good Job Duc… let’s see if she runs stronger than her apparent looks are catching on…

  • phs

    Some pretty interesting comments made about the looks. I see nothing wrong with some of the bike being exposed and the lines on it such as the tank supposedly being unattached from the fairing. I think the bike is great looking and differentiates itself from anything else (especially Japanese sportbikes) which appeals to owning one. I actually like seeing the exhaust curl up and around, as it adds to the appeal of the bike. Seeing the bike in person will probably sway those that are not fond of it’s looks from these blurred photos alone. It sounds as if the bike should be quite a performer too.

  • MikeD

    I’m sorry … This just ain’t doing it for me. That friggin tank looks like a RED BLOB of an after-thought WHEN THE REST OF THE BIKE looks “kind-o-SHARP”… and the front for some reason looks HUGE, BMW K1200GT SLATE Fairing HUGE while the rear looks just too minimalistic.

    Unbalanced, i think thats the word i was looking for here.

    THE WHEELS , THE NASTY CHEESE LOOKING WHEELS , WHATS THIS ?! Are they seriously trying to copy Japan Inc and their NASTY 3 Spokes Staple ?! DUCATI, SERIOUSLY ?!

    Maybe i just need to see GOOD PICTURES w/o a bunch of journos ALL OVER gropping and oogling the danm thing… LMAO.

    So much that the Black Mules they had been using for testing look 10x better than this.

    Im cool with all the “new tech” … I just don’t like the NASTY WRAPPING they used over it.
    Ducati has been infected… so much for UNIQUE Italian Design.

    Not to be too picky, if only they re-shape that NASTY BLOB of a gas tank the bike would like a gazillion times BETTER.

    And to think that people had the nerve to BITCH and MOAN about the 999.
    Looks at it now, the 999 is becoming a friggin classic, it has aged beautiflly if i don’t say so myself.

    P.S: Sorry about the rant, LOL.

  • Will

    999 a classic…that’s funny.

  • wannabe


    “Safe-don’t wanna risk-stuck in 916 headlight theme” AnyBrand superbike.
    Tail looks nice though.

    999 is way more interesting.

  • R-Dog

    It has a much more utalitarian, generic look than most Ducatis past. I prefer this more “stripped down” appearance – it isn’t beautiful in the conventional sense, but in engineering terms it certainly is. Beauty is a very subjective issue anyway. I’m more interested in a supreme level of function, and the idea that they can make a twin cylinder engine produce that level of performance is enough to sell it to many, even if they can’t aspire to use it. An 800 with similar engine technology would be a realistic prospect to mere mortals such as I.

  • Westward

    The front end reminds me of a cross between the Honda Fireblade and Aprilia RSV4…

    They definitely need to do something about those mirrors, I’m sure they could have improved on the previous design for those. I like the underneath exhaust, I think it’s choice…

    I just want to see how this thing does in WBSK…

  • Shawn

    From the side, the tail section looks like it belongs on a GSXR. Too bad, looks like Ducati is also entering in the Japanese Manufacture’s race of who can make the ugliest bikes! :(

  • Nobody

    Wow, sounds like a bunch of girls complaining about the new fall Mervyn’s collection!

    Hands down this will be the most awesome sportbike ever produced for the consumer. Sure, there’s a few odd bits about it, but other than the paint, it appears Ducati went with function over fashion and I see that as an awesome indicator that the performance engineers behind this bike got their way and the designers came second.

  • 58
  • weldoid

    As an owner of a 996s and 1098s, I’m disappointed. These photos remind me of a Benelli Tornado! (barf)
    I hope it looks better in race trim spinning laps in the sunlight. I’m also hoping it grows on me after viewing some proper photos (and some interesting tech specs).
    Its making the BMW S1000RR look better though……

  • MikeD


    Hey hey hey… listen here, if u don’t care about what motorcycle u wear that’s up to u.

    Us “motorcycle fashion nazi police” are always right… (^_^ )… in a few words, SHOOOSH, U Sir don’t know what ur talking about, LMAO.


    C’mon Dude, impress us, whats “your classic bike”… some frigging brittle antique ? LOL.

  • MikeD


    HOW DARE U ?!… DO NOT mess with The Tornado, DO NOT. Specially it’s belly busting tank shape…lol.

  • weldoid

    I guess the tornado would be good to have if you had to cross a body of water; what with the propellors and all lol
    I bet George Jetson would (will) dig it.

  • MikeD
  • MikeD

    I must say, it does look a lot better under way and with a rider on top.


  • 58

    check out the new videos on youtube, that thing is bad ass, too bad i’m not a superbike guy

  • Damo

    The front profile looks great, nice lines and I don’t think the tank it too “blobby”.

    The rear end, however, kinda looks unfinished. The under slung exhaust almost looks like an afterthought.

    I need to see full high rez pictures before I go off on a tangent, but so far I am not sure how I feel.

  • Sidekick

    I can only imagine what that rear cylinder is gonna do to the seat at the rev limiter.

  • walker

    Hahaha sidekick… my exwife twice experienced orgasms just by riding on the rear seat of my zx6r (u know how they seat on the bike and normal engine vibrations ) hahaha thats why ninjas are just unbeateable