Deus Ex Machina New Blood Sportster

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Appropriately in time for the holidays with its deliciously red paint job, we bring you the Deus Ex Machina New Blood Sportster. Taking a 2004 Harley-Davidson 1200cc Sportster, the guys from down under have massaged their magic into this once dull v-twin, and made an eye-catching motorcycle (per usual). The most striking piece of the motorcycle is perhaps the hand-built exhaust pipe, which is half street-tracker, and half sportbike in inspiration. Then there is of course the matte blood red meets cream paint job that accents the otherwise blacked out bike. We think the effect is killer, and makes the Sportster design more palatable without going overboard.

By Deus standards this is a fairly light build-out of the Harley-Davidson Sportster, with other components consisting of wide clip-ons, 16″ front and read rim, a solo seat, custom brake hose, custom grips, alloy brake light, Storz rear sets, Ram Flow air filter, custom exhaust, and custom paint. Pricing is set at $29,900 Australian, which used to be a fairly modest price for us Americans, but with exchange rates where they are today, that’s $29,600 USD for this light custom…ouch!

Source: Deux Ex Machina via Pipeburn