Up-Close with the CR&S Duu Cruiser at EICMA

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After leaking out ahead of EICMA, we were excited to go check out the CR&S booth to see their new Duu cruiser. With an S&S v-twin motor, the bike is a mixture of American street muscle, and Italian styling, which makes for an interesting effect. While we like the concept overall, there are certainly elements of the bike we crinkled our nose at, despite the obvious master craftsmanship. More on the Duu, and a plethora of photos after the jump.

The Duu is almost devoid of paint or color, instead choosing to blend matte and polished metal finishes for its visual affect. With that in mind, it almost looks like a futuristic V-Rod, but the components are clearly nothing that Harley-Davidson would dream of using. Custom billet frame elements, Brembo brakes, and an aggressive style evoke more of purpose-built street rod than anything that’s come out of Milwaukee.

Despite this praise, we absolutely hated the bike’s rear-end, which seemed like an after-thought to meet street homologation and DOT approval. The brake lights practically kill the design, whereas the oddly placed headlights at the front of the bike just look out of place. Despite these elements, the bike still drew a crowd, and rightfully so. While we wouldn’t call the bike a home run, it certainly is a stand-up triple. Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think.

Photos: © 2009 Asphalt & Rubber