CR&S Duu Cruiser Breaks Cover Ahead of EICMA

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Breaking cover ahead of Milan, CR&S has finally taken the curtain off their Duu street cruiser. The bike, which features an S&S 1,916cc v-twin motor, is expected to hit European soil in 2011 with a price tag around €20,000. Photos and more after the jump.

The Duu is an interesting take on the street-rod category, and incorporates some “love it or hate it” design elements. We don’t think CR&S will care too much if many people hate the bike, as only a couple dozen or so Duu’s are expected to be produced each year.

We first saw the Duu concept back in August, right after Ducati announced it wouldn’t be pursuing the Vyper cruiser concept. With the goal of creating an Italian designed, but American power cruiser, we think CR&S hit this one pretty much on the head.

There are some design elements we find funky (the pig ear headlights for example), and its hard to think this is going to be a light motorcycle from looking at it (no official power or weight figures have been released yet), but still overall this seems like a ride that won’t have trouble finding a rider. Take a stroll through the gallery below for some detail shots. Clearly, CR&S has taken great care to the little things on the Duu.