The Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster is the newest motorcycle from the venerable “Southern” brand, and that’s enough of a pedigree for the machine to grace the pages of Asphalt & Rubber, but this latest incarnation of the Hellcat line also happens to be the first work by a certain Pierre Terblanche, who became Head of Design at Confederate not too long ago.

Based around the same 132 cubic inch (2,163cc) v-twin engine as the previous Hellcat models, the Speedster is good for 121hp and 140 lbs•ft of torque. The styling is true to the Confederate canon, though Terblanche’s touches can certainly be seen in the details of the machine.

Noticeable features include a 240mm rear tire, a carbon fiber fuel tank, and a unique solo-saddle design. Suspension is by WP, brakes by Beringer, and the carbon fiber wheels are by Blackstone Tek with proprietary hubs.

“The X132 Hellcat Speedster represents a return to the tradition of the Hellcat, which is a stripped down American hot rod motorcycle,” says Matthew Chambers, Confederate’s CEO and Founder. “A dragster for the street that is powerful, beautiful and most of all, a thrill to ride.”

Overall the project took Terblanche over a year to perfect, and as an impressive dimension to the designer’s already impressive resumé. “We looked at each and every component and asked, ‘How can we make this better?’ From the front fender all the way to the rear tag bracket, this is essentially an all-new motorcycle,” says Terblanche.

“The challenge was improving performance, reliability, and practicality without diluting the iconic simplicity and sensuality of the Hellcat. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

Only 65 examples of the Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster will be built, and they will cost $65,000 each. Production is scheduled for September 2014, and a $10,000 deposit reserves your bike.








Source: Confederate

  • Andrew

    That’s not too bad actually, but for $65k I would demand they’d customise it for me, namely install a regular size tire. I like my motorcycles to be able to turn, I’m just funny that way,

  • RL

    It’s been Terblanched. If you’re a Ducati guy, you know what I mean.

  • j.davis

    Where’s the kickstand?

  • j.davis

    Never mind. I found it when I enlarged one of the photos.

  • MikeD

    Totally up my alley, right next to the New V-MAX, MT-01 & RS Warrior. Useless fat rear tire and all.
    I’m pretty sure their Motto must be ” Wretched Excess “.
    Now, where did I put those $65k that were burning me a hole on my pocket this morning ?

    I thought the new Indian Scout had very limited (read: SHITTIEST) suspension travel on the rear but this thing is not to far behind, is it ?
    I know this ain’t a Dual Sport but ” Dang it Bobby ! “

  • ThatMexicanFromNOLA

    Handsome bike with lineage roots from my hometown. Anyone else seeing elements of the Victory CORE concept from a few years back? Just an observation, no implied accusations.

    Ah, Pierre always got the bum rap for the 999 aesthetic. Bum rap deserved? Hmmm…let’s ponder that. Put a 999 next to a 916 in person and draw your conclusions. The 999 holds its own aesthetically when viewed in person. Its lines resulted in a non-photogenic portrayal in pictures, but “in the flesh” is a different story. Looking at the 916 now through our modern lenses, is her face so pretty? Hmmm, not sure. A bit fugly to some eyes. And that’s no knock on Massimo Tamburini’s talent. I own two MV Agusta F4s – the lines of which I consider his ultimate masterpiece.

    Pierre gave Ducati some gorgeous bike design – Supermono, Paul Smart LE, etc. Good to see him contributing again to design.

    Oh, and Confederate – savvy move on ditching the logo that looked like a guy cracking a whip. Something about using the name Confederate and whips in the logo could be bad for business. Not sure what your intentions were with that fusion, but it could certainly be construed as suspect.

  • Mike

    I just thought I’d mention Ducati.
    Everyone else does, whatever the subject.
    I’m not sure why.

  • Jw

    I noticed Chrysler took the name Hellcat and is now using it

  • mad dachshund

    whoa! just looked up the “whip” logo MexNOLA mentioned.

    beautiful logo. clean, simple, arc of motion, movement, almost “proletkult”…

    but once you see the whip, and the name “confederate”…. JESUS! what the hell were they thinking?

  • Coreyvwc

    Notice all the buzzwords like “performance” “handling” “hotrod” and “dragster”.

    Then notice that this machine has (Forward foot controls)… Which pretty much negate all of the fancy engineering and inherent performance this thing might have. It’s just another lazy assed cruiser now!

  • When I “Arrive” and am at a point in life where I can afford to truly indulge in a single frivolous purchase to accentuate that fact. There is a good chance that a Confederate motorcycle is going to be on the short list of items to choose from. Being the first bike they have released which has been touched by Pierre Terblanche and with a production run of 65 units is sure to be a collectors item. The bike oozes design and build quality! The only thing that I would have to have them custom make me was a swappable long range fuel tank… 3 gallons is too little for that engine.

  • Grant Madden

    more than 2 liters but only 120 hp??Maybe a bit more engine development time needed?

  • Wayne Thomas

    Interesting bike, but I would love to know the financials on this company because no one ever sees their bikes on the road. Every company needs cash flow, so how can this boutique builder survive when so many others have gone tits up?

  • Justaguy

    They were probably thinking “we don’t give a dog-gone-digity-dang what people think about our logo as that is the attitude we take about how critics receive our bikes.”. Confederate has always had a IDGAF attitude. That former designer JT Nesbitt still does (not a fan of his but he isn’t afraid to design what he wants). People will see the Confederate battle flag in the State flags of Florida and Alabama no matter how much you tell or show them that they are based on St. Andrew’s Cross flag. When people wake up and realize that most bigotry is in their own perceptions or preconceived notions America might not have to deal with cities being burned down “in protest” and the race hustlers like Sharpton et al will finally be put out of business.

  • Kev71

    @ Justaguy

    Not sure where you live but I see PLENTY of prejudice and racism; to say that most “bigotry is in their own perceptions and preconceived notions….” is inaccurate in my opinion. However, I do respect your opinion and what you have to say…. I just don’t agree.

    As far as the bike, I don’t like it and wouldn’t spend $65,000 on it. Impractical and looks uncomfortable. That being said, anyone with $65,000 to spend on a bike does not care about practicality and comfort! I’ll buy the Panigale Superleggera first.

    Having a 916 and 999, I have to agree with ThatMexicanFromNOLA. The 999 is much prettier in person than in a picture. Comparing the 2, I see the build quality of the 916 as better and not having a single sided swing arm on the 999 really rubbed Ducati fans the wrong way. When it comes to actually riding the bikes, I’ll ride my 999 all day compared to my 916.

  • Justaguy

    Do you see it or do you impart it on what you see?

    I’ve spent a career as a white fireman in one of the poorest black neighborhoods in America. I saw bigotry every day, directed at me. Racism? No. Racism is when someone in power uses their dislike of another person to oppress them, strictly because of their skin color.

    Who gives a damn if Confederate has a whip on their logo. That is between them and their customers. Anything else is phony outrage. That’s the truth about ‘racism’ in America, people just refuse to admit it; because of their own bigotry. That bigotry might not be something you realize you have because your views are constantly reinforced by the media and the likes of the race hustlers.

    Phony outrage and ‘seeing racism everywhere’ is as stupid as saying you don’t like “Harley guys” because you ride a Honda or thinking someone from whatever State or nation you live in is better or worse than you strictly because of where you live or were born. Every man should be judged on his own merits, period.

  • Kev71

    Like I said, I SEE IT and live with it everyday. I did not say “I see it everywhere,” nor do I have “phony outrage.” Being that this is a motorcycle forum, I will spare everyone my life story and any more commentary on the subject.

    As I said, I respect your opinion, just don’t agree with it. I am not judging you or your views; however, If you do not like someone commenting you should not post your personal beliefs.

  • Sid

    @Justaguy – your def. of racism is incorrect. You conveniently added “someone in power” which is fundamentally wrong…

    “racism – the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

  • Justaguy

    I don’t care about if people like my opinion., I wouldn’t have posted if I did.

    You might have experienced bigotry, as I did, but to think that institutional racism as existed up to the days of Jim Crow still exists is complete poppycock. Nobody is banned or kicked out of anywhere due to skin color. No laws exist to prevent certain races from getting a job or buying a home. If an individual chooses to act in one way towards a certain race vs the other that is bigotry and discrimination. Racism is the go to word for any and everything that people don’t like. It is even tossed out there to describe sexism.

    How do you prove what is in the mind of an individual when they choose to act a certain way with others? Did they want to engage in conversation because you are tall? Fat? Smell? Wear glasses? Are having a bad day? Are mentally not as developed as their age would imply? None of those are racism, yet the person truing to interact with them might walk away and think “they were rude to me and it MUST be because of my skin color!” That isn’t racism in anyone’s mind except the person believing it is.

    Words have meaning, or at least they used to. Now people define things however they see fit or however the media tells them to on that day of the week. Bigotry and prejudice are out there, amongst all races. But they are just that: bigotry and prejudice. No matter how much people don’t want to hear that freedom of choice isn’t just a song by Devo, it is in every human’s mind.

    So, on topic (Confederate and their whip): they choose to call the company that and use that emblem. It literally effects only them and their customers, anyone else offended by it is looking to be offended. Unless, of course, you were whipped by Confederates and since my Great Great Grandfather that fought for Florida were long gone before I was born in 1970 (same with the one who fought at Gettysburg for Maryland) I don’t think anyone alive was whipped by any Johhny Reb’s. When American’s can finally put aside their phony outrage and have discussions void of emotion like adults should we will truly move on to a ‘post racial society’ where Confederate’s whip is seen as nothing more than a logo or FUBU is seen as just clothing and not a statement (For Us By Us, the Us being ‘blacks’). Bigots will always be bigots. Discrimination is something that any lawyer will tell you is almost impossible to prove in a court of law with a truly unbiased jury…… but that is the rub….. juries walk in the door with their own biases. They are expected, by law, to set them all aside. Unfortunately they don’t in many cases and that only contributes to the problem.

    Be an instrument for change I say. Real change, not the type the race hustlers on all sides have made their fortunes off of.
    For the record, I think that bike is very good looking. To me it is a far cry from the older bikes that were more experimental looking, but it is a good looking bike that would sell pretty well if it were $25000, but Confederate doesn’t want to sell to the average $25000 shopper? Is that racist? Discrimination? Or freewill and part of a specific business model? I guess the answer to that depends on the person and what they and they alone think in their own mind.

  • Kev71

    @ Justaguy

    You keep living in your world and I’ll live in mine. Like I said, I respect your opinion but do not agree. I really have nothing more to say on the subject as I fear it will fall on deaf ears.

  • Justaguy

    Proving my point. I am willing to have a dialog, even on a site as out of place as this, but you have made up your mind about me and my thoughts. You are the one who cannot change their point of view and are therefore a part of the problem and not the solution.

    I say that with no malice meant. You might be the finest person or the biggest scoundrel, I have no way of knowing but I refuse to assume either. You’re just another person and that was good enough.

    Off my soapbox. Peace upon you.

  • Singletrack

    I like the simplicity of air cooling. But if I had $65K to spend on a customized motorcycle, I’d want something completely unique. And I’d start with a real motor. A V-Max comes to mind, with some exterior treatments to beautify it, more like the original V-Max.
    See this:

  • sideswipe

    About this I think the inspiration is lacking but the execution is exquisite. I’ll agree with Singletrack. The choice of motor ruins it and I’m not a Harley hater. All the high spec performance components & materials paired with one of the heaviest, unbalanced, low performing motors. It’s like putting a 65 Chevy pickup truck engine into a Bugatti Veyron. Makes no sense. A V-Max engine is inspired. A Ducati Diavel wouldn’t be bad. A Motus V4 would be super trick. That’s it a Hellcat with a Motus V4. That’s a hotrod!

  • all over please

    First time I unfortunately have to say I’m not satisfied with my highly respected one of the favourite designer work. It’s has no concept, it hurts the Conf ID as there is no tasty interesting design either any concept and it’s old. I hope they skip this bike and start all over with on the level they are all known and are absolutely world first class manufactures and designers. It happens time to time with everybody and it’s OK. Just admit it and work on. For this price tag it’s absurd, there is no value for I would like to pay this number as from other models which truly are unic and they standardized some new levels in the world when they where born.

  • singletrack


    I forgot about the Motus . You’re right. That’s a ‘purdy’ motor. 4 pipes snaking from the cylinders could make for some interesting patterns.