Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Confederate P120 Fighter Combat Official Launch

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Asphalt & Rubber spent the weekend in Monterey, drinking flutes of champagne with the rich and marginally famous. Despite rubbing elbows with our eledged betters, we did get to see the first ever showing of motorcycles on the greens at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

As such, there were plenty of motorcycles around the course, and Confederate Motors picked the locale for the public unveiling of their new P120 Fighter Combat. Our invitation to the event must have been lost in the mail, but we still managed to get some photos of the new bike in the flesh.

We also found a pair of Confederate Wraiths (easily one of our favorite motorcycles), which could be considered the patriarch of the Fighter’s lines. There are clearly borrowed ideas between the two motorcycles, and we like to think of the Fighter as an evolution on the Wraith’s design.

With a 120 cubic inch (1,966cc) motor, the Fighter is a performer and a looker, at least as much as a oil-cooled motor can be. The bike makes 160hp and 145lbs•ft of torque, and features exquisite acts of tooling and machinery. Penske handles both the front and rear suspension, with Brembo providing stopping power via one radially mounted caliper up front, and a standard unit in the rear. Wheels are 5-spoke carbons (we still don’t like them…at least, not as much as the SSSA units found on the Wraith).

While we may not be as in love with the Fighter as we are on the Wraith (yes, we are hard to please), one of the beautiful things about this bike is you can find something new on it every time you see it. We must have walked by this display 5 times, with each excursion showing us something small and unique that we over-looked before. You can probably go through these photos a dozen times, and find something new each time yourself. Enjoy.

Confederate Motors P120 Fighter Combat:

Confederate Motors B120 Wraith: