Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat – Brought to You by New Orleans and S&S Motors

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After creating the F131 Hellcat, B120 Wraith, and P120 Fighter Combat, Confederate Motor Company announced at the New York International Auto Show its fourth motorcycle: the C3 X132 Hellcat. Built in conjunction with S&S Cycle (better known for its S&S motors), the new Hellcat is being touted as “the lightest, fastest, toughest, smoothest, most exquisite Hellcat, ever”, which isn’t as lofty of a statement as you’d think considering there’s really only two other motorcycled to compare the new Hellcat to: the two older Hellcats.

Still with S&S’s reputation as a fine purveyor of things in twin form, and Confederate’s reputation for making eye-catching custom motorcycles, the new Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat is likely to be the cat’s meow (please dear God shoot me) when its final design is revealed. If that wasn’t enough, Confederate also hopes to have the new Hellcat take a stab at to Harley-Davidson, and be priced to be within reach of the Milwaukee company’s top 10% of customers.

To build the new Hellcat, Confederate has also announced that it will be moving its production facility back to New Orleans. Additionally, Confederate’s motors will be provided by S&S in a deal that is described as “long-term” by the company. It would seem that Confederate is hoping to appeal to a wider base of buyers, with its additional plans to start a dealer network that will provide more support to customers. With the Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat quoted to be priced at $39,750, the new Hellcat is set to be Confederate’s most affordable custom to date.

First deliveries of the Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat will begin October 31, 2010, (yes, on Halloween) from Confederate’s new facilities in the art district at 733 St. Joseph Street of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Source: Confederate