Confederate Motorcycles has taken 13 of its P120 Fighter motorcycles and given them the black-out treatment. Hoping to draw the ire of old ladies around the United States, the P120 Fighter looks even more sinister in black than its bare-metal counterpart. If you want one of these special edition “Black Flag” P120 Fighters you better hurry up though, only nine bikes are left on the reserve. Check the photo goodness after the jump.

Source: Confederate

  • RSVDan

    Not a huge fan of feet forward bikes, but this thing is absolutely stunning. I am floored.

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  • Doctor Jelly

    Throw some copper bits on and the steampunks would love it…

  • Dantheautomator

    no needs to hurry up, they are still trying hard to find a way to pay their employee… or the parts to build them… I believe they won’t sell that much of the 50 of their “special limited incredibly rare edition”…
    good luck…

    PS: this bike look nasty… but the handling is far away from that… and maybe it might capable of braking now they changed the discs and calipers… who knows.

  • SpeedFreak

    Dantheautomator are you a disgruntled ex employee? I find it hard to believe you could afford one of these bikes so how else would you have ridden one? and Uh if you read their are only 13 of these bikes being built not 50. HMMM. me thinks maybe dan is jealous??????????????????

  • Dantheautomator

    I’ve been ridding both Figther and Wraith because of my job (and thankfully was never employed there)
    If I say more Matt will know who I am and will send me an army (from the south) of lawyers…
    they said 50 Fighter, whatever metal or black finish…

    see I’m not here anymore… gone…

  • BikePilot

    I like that they are doing something unique and not just another raked out, half-baked me-too chopper. They still don’t look useful for anything but posing to me, but I’ve not had a chance to actually sample one :)