CCM Teases 600cc Single-Cylinder “Spitfire”

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Clews Competition Machines is probably not one of the most well-known brands in the USA, though the British marque has a solid niche following around the world.

So, we should explain that CCM is best known for its single-cylinder four-stroke motorcycles, namely dirt bikes, though a number of interesting supermoto models wear the company’s monogram as well.

Right now, CCM is focused on selling its GP450 Adventure model, which takes a repurposed Husqvarna 449 engine, and wraps it in an aluminum chassis that’s built with long-distance ADV riding in mind.

CCM is looking to get back into road bikes though, and has begun teasing a new model. Named the Spitfire, this street bike has a 600cc thumper at its core and a chassis that is a lot more “roadster” than what we have previously seen from this rebellious band of Brits.

Details are light about the Spitfire, at the moment, though we do have some basic renders of the new model (see the photos below).

What we do know about the CCM Spitfire is that its chassis is built from T45 carbon steel, the same material used to construction its namesake, the Supermarine Spitfire airplane that fought in WWII.

CCM says that top-of-the-line components will be fitted to the Spitfire, with each machine being a “bespoke” work by the British firm. As such, only a limited number of CCM Spitfire motorcycles will be built. Pricing starts at a reasonable £7,995, though.

Source: CCM (Facebook) via MotoFire