Carefully Considered On Mac Motorcycles [Updated]

12/08/2009 @ 11:50 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


UPDATE: Xenophya Design, partner in Mac Motorcycles, have asked A&R to clarify the fact that Matthew Schneider & Carefully Considered were in no way asked to do this work for Mac Motorcycles.

Design house Carefully Considered has dipped there ink into the motorcycle realm, first with some pixelated camouflage designs for the Husaberg FE 390, and now with their take on the Mac Motorcycles prototype. We loved the Xenophya Designed lines of the Mac when we first saw it, but after looking at the paint and details that Carefully Considered came up with, we’re finding the single-color schemes to be almost boring now. Photos and more after the jump.

Detailing their thought process behind the new renders, Carefully Considered explains the project as follows:

“We explored a variety of visual approaches and production techniques. The intention was to create something new in a category that is overwhelmingly garish with logos and neon graphics that complemented the amazing industrial design by Xenophya.

While keeping the integrity of the classic look we created eight prototype designs that employ such production techniques as laser etching, anodized finishes, and screen printed graphics applied to the gas tanks. This along with simpler color schemes help bring more subtle, conceptual approach to the identity.”

The end result is a series of designs that are not only eye-catching, but also true the minimalist and classic lines of the Mac Motorcycle. We’ll take one, in each color. Thanks for the tip Matthew!

Source: Carefully Considered

  • Carefully Considered Does Mac Motorcycles

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  • Carefully Considered Does Mac Motorcycles

  • fearnow

    …has Mac decided what mill to use, now that Buell is no more?

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